Brexit… …

From the ‘Benefits of Brexit’ document published today:

‘Saving UK consumers money by allowing them to do more of their shopping duty free. We have reinstated duty free shopping for all overseas destinations, including the EU and increased allowances from British ports and airports.’

Words fail me.


That’ll be a short document provided it’s truthful…



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"Taken back control of our waters. The deal we struck with the EU and our new
Fisheries Act allow us to chart a course once again as an independent coastal
state, bringing more quota for British fishermen and new opportunities for our
coastal communities from Lewrick and Peterhead at the north-eastern end of
Scotland to Brixham and Newlyn at the south-western tip of England. "

Never mind the typo spotted 30 seconds into reading this drivel, what’s the point of the (my highlights) second half of this sentence other than to pad out the whole thing? Most people will know where these harbours are.

I hope this isn’t the published version… :anguished:

EDIT: Oh and this lie:

“Reforming our alcohol duties. Our new alcohol duties will be simpler for
businesses, with a simplified administrative regime, extend small producer reliefs,
enhance the UK alcohol industry and reduce taxes for consumers on many

EDIT 2: I made a mistake and misread the header, which on downloading the pdf does read correctly - my error and I have removed the incorrect comment from the start of this post.


That’s just embarrassingly bad. Which is consistent with most of what emanates from this shower.


It will have been knocked out in a mad rush over the weekend as part of Operation Red Meat or whatever silly name they’ve given the latest policy splattercan.


Roughly this time last year I ordered 4 bottles of Graillot Crozes Hermitage 2013 on iDealWine. They were duty paid in France.

The wines spent more than a week at the UK port and then arrived with an £80 bill for UK duty and a processing fee.

I haven’t purchased anything directly from overseas since. Fingers well and truly burnt.

When I told this story to my brexity father in law. He said “good, buy from a British retailer next time”.

I am not in favour of protectionism, personally. However, if that’s what Brexit is about, I wish they would come out and say so instead of giving us this clap trap about low-duty imports and, more broadly, “Global Britain”. It’s absolute rubbish and they know it.

Hey Ho.


Presumably another brexit benefit is having the most corrupt government in my lifetime be able to act like this completely incumbered by the views of meddling furriners?

Brexit benefits? Brexit banana republic more like.


Oh Jesus! I thought the Brexit wounds would have scabbed over by now??? Move on people, we’re not going back!!!


That will be the subject of quips, jokes and humiliation for decades to come! Come on…Do you think the Brexit crowd can have their cake and eat it?!


I understand and respect where you’re coming from and honestly, I’d like to do just that, BUT I didn’t publish this drivel claiming things that are not true to support a political ideology, hide current events behind its publication and re-write history in what it says. I just paid for it through my taxes. That’s what’s annoying.


Tax rise on its way…

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Quite possibly will be Sturgeon’s rallying cry at some point in the near future.


In my haste I inadvertently wrote incumbered when I meant unencumbered before. So I’d like to apologise if I gave the impression this government is encumbered by foreigners. Which it isn’t.

Of course, the dodgy Russians they’re in hock to are no longer foreign, nor is their money, as it’s rather fortuitously been washed clean for them. What luck.


This thread is about a Government paper on supposed Brexit benefits. Why do you object to us discussing it?


Nothing to see here and certainly not on a wine forum where imports, exports, duty and supply chains have hardly any relevance. Perhaps.


I have yet to see any benefits in wine purchasing from Brexit or in any other economic sphere but I’m sure our Great Leader will be working on it just as soon as …

Ah yes, but it’s not his fault you see, because nobody warned him that getting brexit done actually involved getting anything done.

So it’s clear that heads must roll and lessons must be learned, just none of the heads that matter, or indeed lessons that we’ll learn anything from other than for the rest of us to know our place :smiley:


Is this topic an entry for “Oxymoron of the Year”?


Brexit reminds me of the English exit from France in 1445. Everyone blaming William de la Pole, Duke of Suffolk, for the English exit from Maine, things going wrong in the government of Henry VI, deals being done and then not being adhered to regarding the withdrawal of our army . Not to mention the Duke of Suffolk’s apparent connection with the Tailboy family of corrupt thugs,; it all ended in tears. Nothing changes, nothing will.