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Brexit (the swings and roundabouts)

Also, TWS is a cooperative. And the Labour Party is affiliated with the Cooperative party. Hence 25 labour MPs are actually Labour and Cooperative MPs.

On the possibility of me being a conservative voting, middle class, claret drinker. Well, to be fair, he is 2/3rds correct.


I am reminded of Joe E Brown’s famous line :wink:

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Is the the same person, who served prison time for fraud & has repeatedly been caught out using false statistics, using misquotes and altering the truth to suit his agenda. Denis MacShane - Wikipedia

I’m quite comfortable being insulted by him.


The whole problem with Brexit is that Boris’s government was so keen to present it as a positive for the UK that they failed to prepare everyone, especially business including transport, for damage control so now it’s catch up time and the consequence of that is pretty evident: supermarket shortages, crops thrown away, lack of fruit pickers and lorry drivers, and so. They use the pandemic as an excuse but it’s only partly a virus issue. Wine is a mere side show!


Chocolate is deadly for dogs, but on one occassion my dog spotted an open standard size Mars bar lying squashed on the pavement and scoffed the lot in one go. Suffered no ill effects. Which probably shows how much real chocolate was in it.


Chocolate is deadly for some dogs, others not. So a vet friend told me. Trouble is you cannot tell which dogs will be affected.

That’s what I heard too! After my mischievous dachshund Digby found and ate an entire bag of chocolate coins a few Christmasses ago, he was absolutely fine, and the vet said in her 25 years’ work she’d never seen a dog die from cocoa poisoning - grapes and raisins, on the other hand, are very deadly indeed!


Can anyone please advise if there is a French/continental equivalent of The Wine Society? Thanks to the ‘benefits of Brexit’ we can now only bring 4 bottles of wine tax/excise free from UK to EU/vice versa (was 120 bottles before Brexit), so I would like to purchase in EU instead (for delivery in EU). Thank you.

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You can bring 18 litres of still wine in to the U.K. without added tax or VAT which equates to 24 bottles per person on top of beer allowance and spirits .

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