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Brexit (the swings and roundabouts)

I can just imagine, as people are evicted because they can’t pay their mortgage because their job has moved abroad, those same people being both stoic and patriotic enough to understand that whilst they are homeless, HMRC hasn’t been affected.

Brexit logic in a nutshell.


It depends how much unemploument there is? If there is too much unemployment. It will reduce the amount of money that the government gains from taxation. Unemployed people are receiving benefit but not paying income tax. They also reduce demand in the economy . Which in turn increases unemployment. It could eventually cause social unrest. Ultimately the HMRC will be affected.

Brexit was always going to leave us poorer, at least in the short term. If you put in trade barriers that’s the consequence. Further the deal done is very thin, it could have allowed for better trade but the red lines around sovereignty dictates no control from Brussels, whereas deals with other countries will always trade sovereignty away.
Northern Ireland was and is an unsolved issue, it shouldn’t exist as it is. It must by natural force change. Hopefully without too much bother.