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Brexit Planning


In todays Guardian there is an article entitled “Fruit, vegetables and wine will be scarce and costly under no-deal Brexit, warn retailers”

It goes onto say

“It came as the Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA) criticised the government for “reneging” on plans for a nine-month suspension of paperwork on imports on wine, the UK’s most popular alcoholic drink, if no deal is reached with Brussels. “

“In an open letter to the Brexit ministers Michael Gove and Stephen Barclay, the WSTA said the added administrative burden on imports would force up the price of a bottle of wine by 10p, reduce choice and cost the thriving UK wine industry £70m. “


Reading that letter it seems quite a serious consequence for the wine trade in the uk. Not only is our supply of wine from the eu at risk but the position of the trading side of the wine industry in the uk too.
I hope sense can prevail.


Some hope of sense prevailing :frowning:


Yes, indeed the possibility of a Brexit dividend!

As the EU deal has been vetoed by Austria, so the EU has voted to keep tariffs.


Every cloud …


No silver lining in this one!


Yep! Just dark dark clouds :cloud_with_lightning:


Do we all break into song at this point
Maybe “the sun will come out tomorrow”
Seems like the moment😂

Sorry that’s as on the fence as l can get😁