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Brexit Planning


Reciprocal across the EU. What will happen in a no-deal is another question however! Right back to wine talk now…


There are somethings more important than wine.


Wine is trivial by comparison however this is a wine discussion forum not a politics one


That healthcare arrangement with Spain will not apply in the case of a no deal Brexit. This has been confirmed by a Spanish minister - not sure which one exactly.


There is currently a reciprocal agreement between the U.K. and the Irish republic. I can access Irish healthcare while there and recently while my Dad was here from Ireland he fell and broke a rib, there was no charge either so it is quite possible there may be individual agreements with other European countries who knows .


This is a community forum where we discuss lots of things like food, books, travel, sport…

People pulled together by the common love of wine finding other areas of common interest.


they will - an agreement was signed earlier in the year ( I know…shock-horror…some Brexit planning has been done!)

The UK will pay the Spanish “health service” for any treatment on UK citizens in Spain and vice versa (circa 300k vs 150k citizens)


Indeed but those subjects are not as divisive as politics. And the original point of the thread was about the Society’s plans to maintain continuity of supply post Oct 31.


agreed - but everyone seems to be playing nicely on the subject.

Lots of threads ‘wander’ - I just dip-out of those that wander in a direction i’m not interested in.


Its not a wine discussion forum. Its the "societys community "So anything that the community wants to discuss can be discussed here and is. If we were just a wine discussion forum then we would not be able to discuss anything other than wine.


Surely no one would really trust the current UK government to do anything it has said it will do?!


v.true - and there has been a General Election in Spain since too


And there was I thinking they were serious about leaving the EU on 31 October


Pretending to be serious - it’s the BJ way.


I think the ball is still in play. Not over til the fat guy sings.

But wine will go up in cost-period.

All business is worried about supply lines in and out. Uncertainty is the speculators friend.


I’m so pleased our wine ‘cellar’ at home is full to bursting after a summer holiday of hunter gathering in Rioja and France. And that I had the presence of mind to plant some Brussels Sprouts and red cabbage. Nothing to do with Brexit but there’s going to be a shortage don’t you know due to weather issues!:crazy_face:


Panic buying - but what to buy? That was the question discussed Sunday evening at the pub. Salad, Brie, Avocados, and tinned tomato’s apparently - and prescription drugs. I can still remember Mateus Rose being classy, so helpfully I suggested candles and torch batteries might be in shortage.

Machine tools, aircraft components etc. being rather expensive to stock up on. Ditto overseas workforce will take up a lot of space. Vintage port is I think the answer.


So glad I stocked up on 2017 vintage port… Not going to sustain me as a food and not ready for a decade, but perhaps I could barter it?


Loo roll, pasta, tinned food… sigh


In this week’s New Statesman: