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Brexit Planning


Are TWS making special plans for Brexit? Especially a cliff edge no deal one?

I read today that Majestic have said today they have millions of pounds in extra wine being stored to ensure uninterrupted supply. Are TWS taking precautions?


Hi Russ,

In short, yes. We have been liaising closely with the Wine & Spirit Trade Association (WSTA) and as a result of their recommendations have stocked up on our best selling wines to minimise the impact of any disruption in March/April 2019.

We have also been in touch with our producers and have brought forward orders to allow a bit of extra time for shipping.

With crystal balls across the UK and Europe all rather foggy at present, it is hard to know what is proportionate but we are speaking to the WSTA and our shippers frequently and are reviewing our response in light of any developments/clarity.

I believe we will be putting together a more comprehensive item for the newsletter and community in due course but hopefully that gives you an idea?



Planning implies that you might have some idea what you are planning for…game theory might be more relevant.

Probably best I say no more…


I’m happy to drink South African, Australian, US and other non-EU wines.


I seem to have a ten year hedge against any supply issues which result! Can’t claim any forethought though :grinning:


Of course you can… it’s why you, like me have created our cellars, ahem, cough, splutter…foresight, wisdom, (place other marketing guff here…) etc.


I might get round to drinking all the wine I already own after all!


That’s the plan! Never mind the possible difficulty with supplies, what about the probable currency fluctuations as the world bets against us?!


Hmm. A depressing thought, but if wine stocks are delayed in transit (not that it matters - the stuff doesn’t ‘go off’ if delayed a few weeks) then we REALLY should be more worried about more basic produce and commodities being delayed.

Quite frankly, interruptions to the the supply of our favourite tipple will be the least of concerns.

But it wont happen as a direct result of Brexit. What might certainly happen IMHO will be that the FEAR of disruption, will cause ripples and chaos in the supply chain, consumers stockpiling items, panic buying petrol etc…

Discussion to be continued in the pub after several pints…


And thereby solving that ever present conundrum of what to drink and when…