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Brexit and ordering wine from France for personal consumption

TWS Rhone and Bordeaux 2018 have not yet arrived. Do L&W usually get theirs in before TWS? I am also waiting for a few 2018 Bordeaux at L&W but not Rhone.

I think Rhone '18 is due in the next couple of months and Bordeaux in the summer.

I ordered some 2018s EP from my local merchant House of Townend: Angludet, Potensac and Ormes de Pez, these have all arrived and are now in my cellar. I also ordered plenty from TWS, but no sign of those yet.


I ordered some wine direct from an Italian winery. It arrived a week ago. They used a shipping agent to send it. There was a bit of a delay clearing customs, but that was mostly down to TNT being a bit stupid in not reading things. Then another delay that was unblocked by the simple act of my emailing them to say that I was a private purchaser. I’ve no idea if I’ll get a bill for UK VAT or duty at some point in the future.

I intend to make more use of that place in France that will hold onto stuff for me until I can collect.

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Ooo thank you for the info - What was the winery btw? I’d certainly appreciate it if you would let me know about any potential bill. I’ve checked with the italian winery I contacted to see if they will send it via a distributor who is set-up with the paperwork etc.

I suspect TWS probably use a negociant to gather all the different EP wines and then send them over in one batch once they are all available, whilst others maybe collect each allocation as it becomes available. Since this is also the way the do the actual allocation; all in one go rather than promoting each as it becomes ‘available’ like many others do.

It doesn’t worry me particularly as I’ll not be opening any of the EP fines for a while yet anyway.

L&W originally said Rhone 2018 would be delivered in Autumn 2020, so I do think TWS are normally a little slower. Not that it’s generally a problem as long as it arrives eventually.

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Yes my previous experience with TWS has been delivery in the Spring.

But if L&W originally said Autumn 2020, I think I’d be giving them a ring asking for an update! Probably just down to Covid issues causing delays.

Brexit X Covid is just messing with supply chains at the moment. I’ve been expecting arrivals from various merchants that seem delayed.

Or, if you think that empty trucks are the same as full ones, then everything is fine, nothing to see here, move along. :smiley:


I ordered a case of 2015 burgundy last month from Netherlands and it arrived fine without any charges, so I ordered again. This time the case is waiting in customs and they’re charging over 90 pounds including vat, duty and service charge to release/deliver the wine. In short, unless you are lucky, I don’t think it’s worth it anymore.


That was Querceto de Castellina.

The sting in the tail arrived yesterday - TNT want me to pay VAT (again) and excise charges and an admin fee totalling £135. They claim that as the “importer”, I’m liable for this - not the sender.

I suspect I will have to pay much of this and see if the winery want to retain my custom by reclaiming italian VAT and passing it back to me.

Sheesh sorry to hear that. In the end I actually took my business to the UK and just went through there. Much easier! Such as shame! I guess as time goes on wineries and export houses there will demand a smoother transition of where VAT is paid, but until then we’re stuck with awkwardness like that.

Yes, let’s hope so.