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Brexit and ordering wine from France for personal consumption

Yes, the few bottles I looked at are around £3 per bottle more expensive

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Well of course they are; the additional cost is UK duty (+ VAT on the duty) so £2.68/bottle (as well as any other price/currency fluctuations).

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The additional cost is typically a bit more than just the difference between UK duty and local duty. Presumably also additional bureaucracy costs and shipping costs…


I wasn’t registered with them previously, so I went online and looked at the price of a wine then registered (so they now knew where I was from) and the price went up by £3 from £20 to £23.

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Some very good news today, so seams to be the case if you keep your order below £135 then you can save on paying any additional taxes.

We’re getting in touch to let you know that shipping has resumed for iDealwine’s UK customers – great news for British wine lovers and all of our friends across the Channel!

First off, we would like to apologise for the delay. To be quite frank, logistics surrounding Brexit have been difficult to navigate. With a lack of legal clarity surrounding wine exports, VAT and more, we felt we had no choice but to postpone delivery. We had originally hoped legal clarification would result in a VAT margin scheme that would work in our favour, thus avoiding any additional charges. Unfortunately our wishes were not granted this time round. So although your wine will shortly be on its way, additional charges are unavoidable in some cases

For orders below £135 or €150

There is no change to your order, it will be shipped as normal and no additional charges will apply.

No need to reply to this email, you will receive a confirmation email when your wine is shipped.

For orders equal to or above £135 or €150

You have three options:

  1. Proceed with delivery, UK VAT is payable.

Your order will be subject to UK VAT of 20% which you will pay upon receipt of goods.

Unfortunately this charge is now a legal requirement, and there is no way to avoid it (however much we tried to find a way!)

The good news is, your French VAT will be refunded and credited to your iDealwine account. The charge depends on the goods purchased (auction, fixed-price, spirits etc.) but can easily be checked in your original email confirmation of payment, where the breakdown of charges is displayed.

  1. Proceed with delivery under bond, the new “click and collect”

Wines that are ‘under bond’ are those which have not had VAT or Duty paid on them. As such they cannot be delivered for consumption without paying the relevant duty and taxes. You need to have an under bond account before choosing this option, then UK VAT is payable when you pick your wines up from your local under bond warehouse. As above, French VAT will be refunded and credited to your iDealwine account.

  1. Postpone delivery to the UK, pick up in France

If you prefer to postpone delivery and VAT charges, iDealwine is happy to offer wine storage in France, free of charge. This may be suitable for many of our clients who travel regularly to France (Covid-19 permitting) or for returning French residents. Storage facilities are optimal, and wines can be collected with 48 hours’ notice. Offer valid until 31st December 2021. We can also reroute your purchases to another EU country if required.


If we wre still in the EU we would not have all these problems. I think eventually we will have to pay to rejoin the single market. Though by that time I might have moved back into the EU.


I’ve never used (or heard of) iDealwine UK but a pop-up on their website says they are not shipping to the UK.

I followed the link off an email from Decantalo today, and unless my navigation skills are kaput, they’re still not delivering to the UK, as we’re not named in the drop down list of countries for delivery. May have been a glitch?

See https://www.decantalo.com/en/faqs/shipping-wine-united-kingdom.html

Sorry, I think it was Gourmet Hunters!

Yeah, just checked, Gourmet Hunters. The UK isn’t listed when you go to checkout and try to buy wines.

Yes, I received an order from them in December. Think it will be the last for a while.