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Breaky bottom wines


Anyone ever tried their wines? If so, any tasting notes/opinions you can share?

They are not a million miles from where I live, so I’d like to ty a visit perhaps.



They are worth a visit, my cousin lives on the farm next door and Peter is a lovely guy. I was quite taken with their Seyval blanc sparkling , different with some lime undertones . I would need to dig out my tasting notes as it’s been a while since I’ve tastes it .



I’d love to read them.

If I do decide to visit (which I probably will) then is there a train/bus service close by as I don’t drive.



I couldn’t tell you, I don’t live anywhere near there , maybe someone who knows the South Downs would know better :+1:.


You take the train to Lewes and then a bus to take you closer… then a fair bit of walking.

By appointment only…



Many thanks.



It’ll be easier for you to take a taxi from Lewes, I think. It’s very near to the town itself. Lewes is a gem in its own right, so you can make a nice day out of it :slight_smile:


Sounds like a plan to me.



Oo and I’ll be in Lewes one weekend in July, he says to himself


Enjoy it! It’s a gorgeous little place with lots of history and stunning countryside around. I spend virtually half my week there (for various reasons), and love it to bits.

In my case, All Roads Lead to Lewes, not to Rome :wink:


I might come back to you for recommendations. We’re only there a couple days.


Will be happy to oblige! :wink: :+1:


Burn the Pope!


Ah yes! A very frightening experience, that is! :firecracker:


Well I never! You learn something new every day; I’d never heard of Lewes Bonfire before…


If you ever get the chance to be in one - don’t miss it. It’s crazy, and pagan, and scary and exciting… my very first year in England - 1995- that’s where we headed to on a freezing November night. It was unforgettable. These days they shut Lewes down for that day, as it’s impossible to leave it once you happen to enter it on the 5th… not unlike Hotel California! :wink:


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As a child, I used to wonder at the names of the fireworks. The Roman Candle, an obvious reference to the perpetrators of 5/11. Then there was the Catherine Wheel. Legend has it that St Catherine was martyred on a wheel. But I was never able to unravel the Jumping Jack. Who was this Jack?