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Box Sets freely available

You and me both … oh and I am never ever flying BA again :sob:


How about ‘House’?

Great series, and makes you feel like there is some doctor out there who can fix us, even in these virulent days


Some random thoughts based on in what I’ve watched recently or love…yes I watch too much TV!


  1. Breaking bad - if you haven’t watched but heard about it…keep watching until season 2, your patience gets rewarded
  2. Better call Saul…when you finish BB you will want to watch this
  3. Money heist - Spanish show, Very gripping in both subtitle or dubbed version. So good!
  4. Orange is the new black - one of the best shows produced by Netflix

Amazon Prime

  1. Life in pieces - nice/sweet comedy with 4 stories about the same family every week
  2. Modern Family - another comedy with 10 seasons available
  3. Lost - I loved it and all available to watch from the start
  4. the night manager - great mini series from John le carre


  1. Spooks - what a show!!
  2. Line of Duty - where have you been?
  3. Luther - seriously where have you been?
  4. Sherlock 5. The Missing 6. Killing Eve 7. W1A 8. Gavin and Stacey

Without wanting to get political think we are lucky to have the BBC…so many good shows just released


Yes! I started watching this late last year and I’m on season 7 now - it’s the most gloriously funny show, one of the few that makes me weak with laughter on a regular basis.

I think Prime has removed the last few series from their ‘free on Prime’ bit, but if you have NowTV they last three series are all on there.

I ADORED House! Is it back on Netflix?! I’d love to start watching it again. Took me about three episodes to get used to Hugh Laurie’s American accent…

I’d also put a good word in for One Day at a Time on Netflix if you want feelgood comedy with spirit. Very comforting in these strange times.

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Season 1-8 on Amazon Prime

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Amazon Prime - Parks and Recreation - good breezy fun. Just what is needed at this time.

Netflix - Call My Agent. Great cameos from most of the recent greats of French cinema.

Much as I enjoy Line of Duty/Spiral etc I really need upbeat fun right now!


I think the BBC have also released the full boxset of Wallander on iplayer - Kenneth Branagh is brilliant in it


Agree about Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul.

There was so much praise in the press when they were first shown, but I didn’t see it then.

Some time after the runs had finished I found a DVD box set of Series 1 Breaking Bad in the local Oxfam shop and was hooked by the first episode. I got the rest either from Oxfam or from Amazon, second hand DVDs are really cheap, much cheaper than subscribing to Netflix.

Night Manager was even better on second viewing.

I watched Spooks live from the first episode but after I don’t know how many series I didn’t continue. It may have been a new series started when I was abroad and after missing the first episodes I didn’t bother. Been so many changes of cast by then.
LoD - unmissable, especially for the interview scenes, but sometimes incredible (i.e unbelievable) climaxes.

Luther, I stopped caring., ditto Sherlock, ditto series 2 of Killing Eve. (BTW, read the books - better story and more believable)

Agree W1AA.

Never seen G &S.

TV show that has made most impact on me recently was Chernoble. But I saw that twice on long haul flights.


Just had another trawl through the BBC iPlayer listings.
Ashes to Ashes and Life on Mars caught my eye.
And in the Documentaries section of iPlayer, The Planets featuring Professor Brian Cox. He has had 2 careers, the first as a keyboard player in several well known 1980/90’s pop bands. Then, after a First and a Ph.D in Physics, became the Professor of Particle Physics at Manchester Uni from which he has become the iconic (everyman/woman) explainer of science on British television.


Quickly scanning down the topic list me brain read this topic as ‘Sex bots freely available’. Another 10 years maybe.


Wishful thinking…?! :thinking:

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It’s actually a genuinely interesting philosophical topic! I’ve listened to many podcasts about the utility and ethics of it.

If the share price is favourable, and the customer service as good, I might join the SexBotSociety.


Anyway, back to the mirror and the light…


Due to a spike in demand, we’re currently closed to new members.


Where exactly is this spike located?! :flushed:

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The preference is for a bell-curve, it’s true.



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All on Netflix:

ReMastered - a collection of documentaries around music and related events, like Johnny Cash meeting Nixon and the Miami Showband massacre. Fascinating.

Occupied - the Russians invade Norway, three series, gripping

The Keepers - a ‘docuseries’ above the murder of a nun in Baltimore and the Catholic Church cover up. Unbelievable.

Designated Survivor - American political thriller, three series, also gripping.

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I watched this last summer ! Completely addictive and horrifying one ! Would highly recommend it . Adult only and not for the faint hearted !

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Thanks for the recommendation! :+1:
Sadly I have the imagination from Hades, and get quite perturbed at these horrifying accounts.
So not for me, I entirely support those who investigate criminal activity and for those who expect to get away scot free; then I laud their prosecution and lifelong imprisonment.
It is heartening that these days, past behaviour is being brought to book.
Just because it happened 40 years ago is no excuse to forget, all victims or survivors deserve justice and I applaud agencies worldwide redressing sins that have been covered up!!: :grin: