Box Sets freely available

Going with the realisation that many members, may have some unforeseen time available, I had a look on my Sky Box today and saw many, many episodes of the BBC MI5 Spy series SPOOKS now available to watch/download.

That’s me onboard, as I am recovering from the second cataract operation.
Apparently, when your optician notices that you have one (I hadn’t noticed, DOH!!) they schedule you for both eyes. Both operations, spectacular successes, it would appear that I am now 20/20 in both eyes. The procedure took about 3.5 hours from walking through the doors of the hospital, to exiting. It was totally painless, the surgeons and nurses were fabulous and I even got a cup of tea and a sandwich after it was all over.
Note. You do become an expert at administering eyedrops in the aftercare period!!

Maybe the discussion question might be:-

“What Box Set would you like to see available?”
“Which is your favourite Box Set of all time?”

My favourite is The West Wing
As well as being a great show, it taught me so much about the USA, it’s culture and the American political system.


Great question Taffy.

I’d say absolutely The Wire. It’s very dated now re the technology they’re using but the story is really gripping. They’re right in with the dialogue from minute dot, so it takes a small amount of persistence. Ultimately it is very rewarding. For those Idris Elba fans, when they cast him they thought he was actually a native of Baltimore his accent was so convincing.

For something more subtle and charming, not to mention exquisitely funny, I’d recommend the Dectectorists.


I tried the Wire, but couldn’t get along with the Baltimore dialect!
But I truly adored the Detectorists, there is so much humour there, only discoverable on the 2nd or 3rd time viewing.
There again, I may just be a dim Taffy - a rare but not unknown phenomenon!! lol :grinning:


If you have Netflix then has to be Prison Break. The first two series are wonderful.

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Love it! I can watch it on repeat till the cows come home… :heart_eyes:

No violence, no purile humour, beautiful countryside, subtle human interactions and realistic, loveable characters … Just wonderful! :+1:


With The Wire the accent can be tricky, I watched the first one or two episodes with captions on. After that you should develop an ear for it.

I honestly can’t choose a favourite though, it’s between that and Band of Brothers I’d think. Absolutely fantastic, but in terms of isolation entertainment it’s probably a little lean with just 10 or so episodes.


B.o.B hits you in the feels. I actually remember crying at the end.


Spooks should be compulsory viewing for the country - series 6 episodes 1 & 2 - the virus

It is very “spooky” that so much of what was in this fabulous programme has come true!

Oh…and it has keeley hawes in it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


For this house its spooks - we just started a re-run and are half way through series 2

Loved the missing but the first series was an emotional nightmare…no spoiler !

Treadstone and Jack Ryan on Amazon are both fairly watchable

and comedy of course…Blackadder goes Forth…just beating black books


I had a cataract op. scheduled for this afternoon. They called to cancel it yesterday. A case of see you on the other side of the apocalpse. Anyway I thought I would get away from all of that and just relax and read about wine …


Love Jack Ryan , just a shame there’s a year between each season :see_no_evil:! Latest guilty pleasure is Picard on Amazon I think and the Mandalorian which I didn’t think I’d like but loved it ! For something more gruesome and easy watching Sabrina the witch is a bloodbath of Witchery and nonsense with some humour thrown in .


The Good Place, manages to be both utter froth and about moral philosophy at the same time.

As already mentioned The West Wing is excellent although not so easily available on streaming sites. Nor is Babylon 5, which was my Sci-fi go to of old. We’re about to start an end-to-end (including the bad bits!) Buffy The Vampire Slayer rewatch (amongst the streamed opera and musical theatre!).

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The Looming Tower

Based upon Lawrence Wright’s iconic work, around the events leading up to 9/11.

Deutschland 83

Might appeal to those, who enjoyed ‘The Lives of Others’, with its insight into life in East Germany, before the Wall came down.


But is Spooks ‘freely available’?

As it’s on Sky, isn’t a subscription to Sky required?

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It is on the Sky “Catch Up” service.
It may be on Freeview as well, but I’m no expert on that one.
Note To Self
Get better, quicker with Freeview!
I do have Prime as well, that is idiot proof and intuitive, which suits me fine.


Just checked and Episodes 1-10 all available on the BBC iPlayer.
That Sir, should be you set!!
86 episodes to get stuck into. That is proper Box Set value!


You are, indeed, a gentleman!

I am out of the UK* at the moment ,so can’t check.

(and crossing my fingers that I can get back)


Our friends In the North - 1996. Gina McKee, Daniel Craig, Christopher Ecclestone and Mark Strong


If you like MasterChef, you cannot go wrong with Australian MasterChef on Prime.
They have all 11 series and each one is about 60 episodes long.
It is like UK MasterChef, but on a much bigger scale with lots of famous guest chefs, foreign travel, and a prize to the winner of Aus. $250K, a car and a book deal.
The challenges that the contestants face, border on the evil at times, but it is hugely entertaining, informative and educational. Heston, Nigella, Marco and Mr Padstein himself mostly feature every series with their own week of challenges!!