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Bourgogne Cote d'Or

Just two words… Clos Vougeot.

While consistency would be great, it is unlikely to happen for such a big category if it cannot happen for a single plot.

Will also try and seek out some Bourgogne Côte d’Or, once this dry stint is behind me.


szaki1974, Clos Vougeot is now much less inconsistent than it used to be. I accept that it is larger than it should be but the history behind this iconic site was seen to make it perhaps an exception. That aside, the inconsistency stems from the Saone fault which transverses the the vineyard at about 200 meters up from the RN74 which results in the part below the fault having more clay and sand than that above the fault which is largely Jurassic/Bajocian limestone and thin marl. The RN74 has been resurfaced many times causing a rise in the road layer hindering drainage. Despite those factors there are many outstanding CV wines made.
I agree there were some grim CVs that used to be produced but better growing methods and more careful cellar practices have helped restore the reputation of this extraordinary site.


I would not expect that :slight_smile:
I’ll certainly retain my Burgundy importance of scale:

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Thank you for the insight, I understand what you say and it makes sense. Did not really want to diss CV, my point was that it is unlikely that you will have much consistency in such a large category.

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My apologies, in response it is likely that at generic level in any area there is inconsistency. Bordeaux AOC and Bordeaux Superior can be very variable, ditto basic level Chianti.