Bourgogne Blanc Etienne Sauzet La Tufera 2014

As my Community name is Bordeaux V Burgundy I thought it best to get down to business and talk about a wine from one of these regions. However, I don’t feel there’s a need to choose my favourite between white Bordeaux and white Burgundies, as they are generally all very delicious, and easier to select the good from not so good. The reds, however, will be a different story.
So my first entry is a wonderful Bourgogne Blanc from Etienne Sauzet, a 2014 vintage punching above its weight, it was rich and weighty but had a good balance of acidity to give freshness.
Although we did serve with food, I much preferred to drink it after supper to savour the quality of the wine, of this excellent producer.


Awesome, I look to more entries in this series :yum: