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Bottling it - wine formats and how they matter



prompts me to launch a new category for the community…

What difference does the way a wine is bottled/formatted for consumption make?

In the context of the above curious about community impressions on what are the drawbacks or otherwise of a box over a bottle - for instance what prompted this decision now - is it the science of this particular box or is that the wine overcomes the vessel its held in?

But also if we just stick to bottle formats, what are community views on bottle size and consistency, aging, social and cultural aspects of the appreciation of the contents?

Is it region/grape/vintage/style relative?

For example dessert wines (of all varieties) - perhaps price/interest/context makes a half more desirable - what am I losing out on though in that format?

And finally I can’t resist a comment on the Soave above - surely a better name would be covfefe?

Weekend Drinking Thread [6 Oct]

…maybe it would be better to wait on that name for when an orange wine is released :sweat_smile:


Really interesting topic that deserves a proper response in due course. However, as I head to the airport I’m aware of a practical issue.

We fly to Iceland for a short visit today, where alcohol is very expensive. We thought we’d bring some wine, but our adult allowance is … 1L. Gutted to be sacrificing 25% for nothing :frowning:

More flexibility in packaging could help that, at least


Article today in The Sunday Times quoting yours truly. We’re not alone, although our timing is coincidental with others starting to stock it.
In our case it is opportunism - a fab producer had packaged their wine this way for the Norwegian market. They had stopped, because their Norway distributor didn’t want any more. We asked them to start again! We’ve been looking for the right wine to come along before selling BiB again (last time was 35 years ago!) and in Coffele’s excellent Soave we’ve found it. (It’s the same wine as goes into the bottles, but it’s Soave DOC rather than Soave Classico DOC because the appellation doesn’t allow BiB.)


I notice that Decanter also mentions that bag in box is on the way up again, wine on tap, whats not to like? :smiley:


There are so many bottles sizes, it is astonishing.
But the one size that I would love to see in widespread use is, 50cl.
So useful, for say a first course and a half bottle split two ways, barely wets the bottom of the glass.
Or when one wants a nice bottle midweek. The girlfriend is absent but a full bottle is too much and keeping the rest for the following day does not, nor ever has worked for me.
And on the cost front, one would get 18 x 50cl flasks rather than 12 bottles when say buying a special case en primeur.
The potential downsides would be the environmental lobby and some contend that a wine matures better in larger formats.
And for wines in short supply, this would be one way of spreading the joy to more consumers.
Just my 'iccle Taffy brain at work on a Saturday morning.
Have a cracking weekend!


Interesting thoughts. I think it would be great to see more ‘occasional’ wives in 50cl than we see now, for sherry, Madeira, dessert wines etc

For regular wines, as you say, it might work for wives to be drunk soon and maybe avoiding glass, but you could argue that you should be considering long lasting larger formats, such as bag in box (BIB) instead.


Occasional 50cl “wives,” can you please tell me where I might find them??
Getting my coat, and departing stage left…Ha, ha!


This is rather lovely, in the Nebbiolo/ Pinot Noir/ Xynomavro sort of style.


I loved this wine.