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Bottles kept gathering dust at TWS?

I’ll see if I can find out for you!

Edit: Just heard back, ‘As a rule they are stored on their side’


"As a rule they are stored on their side” It’s obvious therefore your bottles were on top of the buyers filing cabinet.

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Surely many wine bottles are stored on their side for one very practical reason?
If they are not in a case they are likely to be in some form of rack and that allows direct access to any bottle regardless of however many there are in the rack.

I don’t store many bottles in racks and have put screw-caps in for access convenience. However I have had a couple of screw-caps leak due to corrosion.

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This might help… TWS 20M high palletised racking.


I wish my home wine storage looked like this


When I win the lottery….

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If you zoom into the photo - the cardboard boxes DO appear to be stored on their sides. As Kelly says.

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This is an impressive photo - but it looks like all the same product on each pallet, so I don’t think it is showing mixed cases in members’ reserves, which I believe are stored in a different warehouse to the rest of TWS stock.

But then I’ve never been to Stevenage, so I’m just guessing based on one photo.

Do we know yet whether cases where you choose the wines yourself are stored with the bottles on their side, or upright? I’m quite concerned about this.

Not for certain.

I saw that, but to me it implied that there were some wines not kept on their side. Not sure what it means in relation to my question.

@Kelly would you be able to clarify?

Hi @GuidoD, yes no problem, I’ll try and clarify!

Edit: I have heard back - all mixed cases (pre-mixed cases and Members’ own mixed cases) are all stored on their side in Reserves.


I was born and bred in the next place down the line (Welwyn) - and whilst old Stevenage is lovely, the new town is… a London dormitory town - I hope that is an acceptable description? - as is Welwyn nowadays.

Regarding TWS Stevenage… the fine wine cave is certainly worth visiting - plenty of unsung heroes just waiting to jump into your basket.

I have no doubt this is true and I would love to visit sometime, it’s a fair trek from Glasgow though!

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Thank you @Kelly, very much appreciated

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