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Bottles kept gathering dust at TWS?

Got a delivery today from TWS that had two bottles of D’Arenberg Coppermine Road McLaren Cabernet Sauvignon 2010, the dust pattern on the bottles suggests they have been stood up for quite a while. Is this normal for wines offered on the website not to come from the warehouse?

I am not extremely worried, given they are screwcaps, was just wondering.

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Don’t know about TWS, but LRA print their cases upside down, so bottles are generally stored cork-down. Maybe everyone should follow suit? :smiley:

Not an answer to your question but on the topic of horizontal vs vertical storage I found this guy’s thoughts quite interesting Amorim development boss Cabral: "It is wrong to store wine bottles lying down | wein.plus Wine News

Not so much for the points on barrique aromas, more for the idea that it makes no difference when it comes to corks drying out and wine spoiling.

Sometime a few years ago this topic appeared on the JR.com forum and the Great Woman herself reassured readers that screw-topped closed bottles can be stored upright ad infinitum without any harm. Screwtops tend not to dry out and shrink it seems.

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And less chance of a screwcap leaking if stored upright. However, I’m kinda wondering how there is a dust pattern on the bottle, if (I presume) TWS warehouse the wines in original cases / cardboard or whatever - and palletised?

Send for Morse…

By chance, I have three bottles of that exact wine being delivered tomorrow as part of a Reserves withdrawal. I will report back on the dust pattern (if any).

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Yes, that is the main conundrum for me, too.

My suspicion is when TWS make up a mixed dozen for reserves, the wines are placed in a TWS 12 bottle carton and then stood upright and stored until withdrawn.
So if you want to add 6 of Brunello di Montalcino, Canalicchio di Sopra 2013 for £49 and 6 of something else equally impressive but slightly cheaper like Chianti Classico Riserva, Riecine 2017 at £29 for withdrawal in c. 2026 they will be sub-optimally stored for the next 5 years.
I say this based on a case I did at Christmas last year and withdrew recently as it came in the TWS Xmas box.


Ah yes… but what were the dust patterns like?


I would have thought that mixed dozens would be stored upside down or lying on their side. Am I being naive? Bit concerned as I have a few mixed dozens which I was intending to leave in reserves for a good while.




Hmmm, that is a worry. The EP mixed cases come in those nice horizontal cases, but they would generally be all similar-shaped bottles (assuming within region), so easily stackable. Members’ bottle-pick mixed cases could be just about anything, so makes sense they would be in vertical cases, just not not the best option for long-term storage…

At this point I will cheekily re-plug this article (and various others on the same topic) which some may dismiss but others may find a source of comfort…


Will you do it every 10 hours or every tenth post? :wink:


Depends which comes first!


Maybe a question for @laura or @Kelly to see if they could investigate please.

Q. When members place a mixed dozen of their own choosing into reserves, how are they stored?
On their side, upside down or stood straight upright?


There is also ‘random’ as an option.

However: My money is on ‘upright’ because zero risk of leakage (in warehouse in anyway). Because a single bottle leaking (if stored on side or upside down), will not only damage the labels in that case, and also any cases below - assuming the cases are on racking or stacked on pallets. The membership would not be happy…


I must say that I have always wondered about this one. As stated in the article I find it hard to believe that a cork is going to dry out with enclosed fluid sitting just a few centimetres below it.

That said all my bottle are certainly stored on their sides!

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Yes it’s very much a case of ‘OK good to know/makes sense, however I’ll pass on testing it out on my £X000s of wine…’


You got it in one! :smiley:

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