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Bottle broke in luggage - how to get the smell out?



Despite succesfully transportinf over 100s of bottles over dozen trips in checked luggage, on my trip back from Croatia 2 bottles got broken :cry:. Luckily they were both white wine and I had no clothes in the suitcase.

I was able to rinse the bag from wine but after drying there is still the cellar smell. Is there a way to get the wine smell out of the bag?

Thank you


Oh dear , extremely unfortunate. Try bicarbonate if soda , apply generously and leave for it to soak up and moisture left in the bag and it will take the smell with it :+1:


I was just going to suggest the same. It might be particularly good as it reacts with vinegar - which will be a component of the stale wine.


The first time we passed through Mendoza, we were asked if we had any wine in our luggage. We did. They instructed us to remove it and carry it on as hand luggage. Appears breakages we’re the reason. Six bottle a piece are allowed!
In terms of smell - very difficult if it has got into the lining. New suitcase I fear.