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Botham Wines


I recently noticed Waitrose are selling these. A “76 Series Chardonnay” and an “80 Series Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon”. Currently 25% off at £7.99.

Has anybody tried them?


Wouldn’t try the wines of a bigoted old Brexiter if you paid me :slight_smile:


Shame he’s old and bigoted as well. If he was just a brexiteer i would bought 10 cases of each.:grin:


@suiko - using ‘old’ as an insult is something you’ll find less acceptable as the years go by


Celebrity wines are rarely worth the money asked. Apart from Sam Neill in NZ, the rest are merely financial vehicles. There are better wines elsewhere!


What about Michael Seresin?

Is he a celebrity winemaker or just multi-talented?

Given that many (more?) people would know him as a director rather than a winemaker I’d go with celebrity…


I’m old myself. It’s only derogatory in the context of the other adjective and the noun :slight_smile:


I bought the 76 Chardonnay on Saturday just out of interest and at £7.99 it was ok but nothing to shout about. Run of the mill stuff.


Regardless of his age and views his wines are mediocre.


I wonder how much this is attaching a well known name to a wine rather than being actively involved in the wine making and blending etc.


An interesting interview with Mr Botham about his wines.