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#Boring post alert! Purple teeth, how to deal with it!


Any dentists among us here ?? I’d be very happy to know what you recommend for the byproduct of enjoying sumptuous red wine ? Particularly and embarrassingly noticed when @Ewan did a live instagram at the end of the press tasting, revealing not just mine but @woodap crimson knashers too. It wasn’t an attractive attribute & one which occasionally poses embarrassment! Is the best option just water and a toothbrush ? , @Sarah suggested just carrying round mouthwash … but toothpaste is out as it will strip your teeth of enamel so any suggestions ?? I’m all ears & teeth :rofl:


Imagine what the buyers have to go through when tasting wine from barrel or selecting EP wines!


Ha very true :grimacing:…! At this point I’m thinking veneers are the only thing that will work :wink:


Amazon have these…I have no idea whether they are any good!

Many thanks for your wonderful tasting notes, a very informative, and enjoyable read.


Would it be bad to use a straw to bypass the teeth? :smiley:


A cardboard straw maybe, I’m all for saving the plastic from our oceans , however I think sucking from any type of straw wouldn’t have to same sensory affect as sipping :joy::joy::rofl:


@ChrisB , oooh interesting … I’ll give them a go thanks :wink:


Staining disappears, so I wouldn’t worry about it. What you do need to avoid is brushing your teeth too soon after a big tasting. The acidity in the wine weakens the enamel and coarse brushing then strips it from your teeth.

I’ve asked wine professionals in the past and the consensus is to find some kind of fluoride wash that you are happy with, and use that after a tasting. Alternatively just rub the toothpaste on your teeth with your finger.

I found that some mouthwashes kill my palate (Corsodyl is the WORST for that) so maybe avoid these aggressive styles!

When you do brush (mornings / other days) then you can use a whitening toothpaste if necessary to fight the build-up.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

A wine lover's nightmare

Thanks, I’ll avoid the corsodyl then ! Great tips :+1:


Wear a purple hat to match


Always an option :joy:


Maybe something to stimulate the salivary glands, dare I say some gum? Saliva will de-acidify and maybe help clean off the staining.


Always remember that tannin is a great preservative…


If you spill red wine on the carpet then everybody knows the best way to clean it is with white wine, right?

Maybe this works with teeth too? Sauternes perhaps?


Haha. Good thinking. Unfortunately my teeth after the press tasting would say otherwise!!

I tasted in the order sparkling -> some of the whites -> the reds -> rest of the whites -> dessert/sweet, and as @Leah stated in the original post of this thread, my teeth were not looking too great on the Instagram video…


I’m a dentist. Toothpaste and a toothbrush.


Remove your teeth before commencing to imbibe…:innocent::rose::wine_glass:


What about using an enamel specific toothpaste, something like Sensodyne Pronamel and a soft baby toothbrush or muslin cloth to give them a wipe around? Kind of like the wipes @ChrisB posted but less waste.


Sounds good , thanks :pray: @catherine


A shot of Gros Plant after each 250 MPs of red !!!