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Bordeaux training trip


Nice digs !! they were doing the Ch. up when we visited in 2017…nice to see it being used again

It is a strange set-up (for bdx) in that the vines are in one block around the ch.

my son preferred getting up close with the tractors not the vines


this might be of some use ? they do a physical copy too (which I have)



Wow, that does sound pretty good, although it does state that its only for Pauillac, St Julien and St Estephe whereas I am trying to look slightly outside of the appellations but does seem very very handy to work out which vineyard plots are which!

Looks like there is also an iPad version as well:



will find my copy of the map and see how far it actually shows


Many thanks! I am also going to look at getting a topography map as I know the better sites are slightly above the very flat left bank which might help - especially if I can find the same elevation as some known Terrace 4 soils as it should be on the same level when thinking about soil layer composition.


I also want to show the difference between left bank and right bank, the left bank is very flat, whereas the right bank is quite hilly:

Left bank - Chateau Margaux (Margaux)

Right bank - Chateau Bel-Air Monage (St-Emilion)


try brgm.eu - French geological survey data

mentioned by Chris kissack on #ukwinehour on twitter this evening


Thanks for that, I will check the site out, the project is slightly on hold at the moment as I don’t currently have much free time to research deeper yet!

Looks like they have an app for what I am after: