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Bordeaux 2019 vintage


Any Bordeaux anoraks (like me) may find this article of interest as it is very informative.


Gavin is very good at keeping the information flowing, both about his vineyard exploits and about Bordeaux in general.

I guess you, @Claret1961, are someone of my birth year who rarely sups wines from the same year, sadly …
1961 was so good i many ways, except for the fact that my father was neither rich nor knowledgeable enough about wine to have painstakingly put together a collection for my later years!


You know what really sucked…?

1977 :roll_eyes:


Yeah. Cracking vintage for music though


Don’t you like Port?


1977 was a year of plenty for me financially speaking and I bought 5 cases of 12 and still have a few bottles left. Fonseca has been the favourite with Grahams a close second.


I nearly forgot to say that the prices were (plus or minus) £70 per case.


Why yes! I was thinking purely in terms of Bordeaux just earlier, but I’ve always been open to offers of a 1977 Port. But I’d rather have a belter of a claret vintage if I’m honest.

Ooh, now there’s a whole other thread right there! Have to say I’m more of a 1967-73 kind of guy.


Actually, I’d better say 1966-1973, otherwise I miss out on Revolver and Blonde On Blonde :open_mouth:


Not that year but somewhat earlier :slightly_frowning_face:


Yeah me too - peak Beatles, Stones, Cream, classic Stevie Wonder and early Bowie and Neil Young etc

77 was golden though - Low and Heroes, Television’s Marquee Moon, lots of awesome disco - Saturday Night Fever and I Feel Love… and punk I suppose, although I’m not too fussed.