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Bordeaux 2019 En Primeur - changes to this year's offer

Hi everyone,

I’m sure many of you will be interested in the Bordeaux 2019 En Primeur offer.

Our buyer @SykoWino has written an explanation about how the 2019 Bordeaux En Primeur will work given the current pandemic.

He gives lots more detail in the article above, but here’s an extract:

Our offering of 2019 en primeur

Assuming that the results of my upcoming tastings are successful and we have a critical mass of 2019s that we would like to offer to members, we are intending to proceed in the following way. The idea will be to offer the top, most expensive, wines by way of individual emails as and when the prices are released. This is likely to apply to around 20-30 wines. For each wine members will then have a short window in which to decide whether they would like to purchase. Once that window closes, the particular wine will be allocated.

For the more modestly priced wines we will, as in the past, do an en primeur offer (probably printed) once all the prices have been announced – realistically this is likely to be early to mid-July.

So that members know which wines will be offered (both the top 20-30 châteaux and the main, printed offer) we will put up a list on the website.

How to join the En Primeur Discussions group

Now is a perfect time to draw your attention to one of our private groups: En Primeur. It’s a very popular group, with over 400 members already!

If you want to read the discussions, you’ll need to join the group. Anyone who’s signed up to this Community can easily do so (and if you haven’t signed up to the Community yet, just click the blue ‘Log In’ button in the top right corner!):

  1. Visit the Groups page (you can find it by clicking the ‘hamburger menu’ - the three grey lines - in the top right.)
  2. You’ll find a group called En Primeur Discussions (<<or you can just click this link). To join, click the grey ‘Join’ button in the top right area of the screen.
  3. After you’ve joined you can click here to view the group’s discussions, and you’ll also begin to find these topics listed on the Community homepage.

Not only will you find plenty of discussion about Bordeaux En Primeur already taking place in this group, Community staff will also be updating a WIKI (editable list) as each of the top 20-30 châteaux are released, so it’s a great way to stay updated.

I hope this helps!


This is IMHO a much better way to allocate the top wines than the Society’s previous method of waiting until they were all available before allocating any. I seldom bought en primeur from TWS, as if I was unlucky I could not get that wine from anyone else, as they’d have allocated all their stock weeks earlier.
The big London wine merchants generally allocate very quickly, which gives you a chance to try elsewhere if you don’t get what you want from your first choice.


The alternative view being that until you have visibility on pricing of alternatives, its difficult to judge the QPR and buy with confidence.

Happy to be corrected, but it’s not like I can order a case of Lynch Bages, but then if a week later, Figeac (amazingly) came out at -30% is it?

Again, I’d stress happy to be corrected.

Also, @laura… any chance you can please post online the Pre and Main offer notes from 2017 and 2018??

Hello! I’ve asked the team if this is possible - I’ll let you know ASAP. :slight_smile:

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Not the pre-offers, but the 2018 main offer is still
here I think:

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Thank you

'17 main offer is here (but no pre offer notes).


I’m just wondering if its that hard for TWS to just put it on their website as a single point of reference both for now and in future years.

How hard can it be?

If it’s just prices you’re after, I also put this spreadsheet together for 2010 to last year on all TWS main offers.


Thanks Strawpig, that’s very kind of you.

Prices are the main reason but equally there’s plenty more to take from the notes that are a great snap shot in time.

It’s almost every time an EP campaign comes around, you’re searching for last years notes to reference and they are never on the website… in the section they should be in… and then appear about 5 months too late.

Its just basic website admin and management I’m assuming.

I agree. Can I cancel an order for Palmer if something better turns up, or what if this is the only good wine and I haven’t placed an order? The Society needs to publish a list of what they are likely going to offer for sale, even if you can’t purchase it at the moment.

Even where chateaux haven’t declared their prices?

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Yes, so that you at least know what wines the WS will be selling. I assume there will always be a market for the “fine” wines, so it is unlikely that the WS would be left eith a stock that it couldn’t sell. Alternatively, list wines with a probability that they will be available eg Lafite 50%, Margaux 1%, etc

Yes, I obviously have no idea, but if the chateaux have limited windows after which point the offer is closed to TWS, they don’t have much choice. Would be interesting to know if they are being a bit sneaky and scheduling disparately deliberately.

If TWS don’t know what price will be set and potentially not even tasted the wine, would they know whether they are going to offer the wine?

Not sure how they’d come up with a probability quantification for that.

I enjoy EP offers.
It gives me the opportunity to research (without access to subscriber sites) in order to see if I can truffle out gems :+1: :wink: without paying over the top prices.
I had absolutely no intention buying any Bordeaux EP 2019.
I “think” that I am now, choking on that sentence.
Time will tell whether I am right, or incorrect.
But for the moment, :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :+1: :wink:


I keep hearing that the ‘new normal’ won’t be anything like the old normal. With the EP process faltering in the last few years due to greedy producers/negociants, over-talked up medium quality vintages, et al, never has the time been more right to overhaul what is a much-jaded purchasing annual debacle.
Gone are the 'buy two cases, sell one case" investment shenanigans of the 1980’s. Like many other industries using these virus-addled times to make changes that they haven’t been brave enough to make before, it’s probably time for the trade to flex its muscles to facilitate change. Or is the advance payment system too valuable to lose?