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Bordeaux 2017 vintage - Travels in wine



Hi all,

I thought I would start a thread on one of the latest ‘Travels in wine’ for us to discuss as I know there are always quite indepth discussions especially when it comes to EP. Interested to know how many members have been to various Bordeaux Chateau as well as it might be a trip I might want to make in the future.

You can see some behind the scenes reports from Tim to see what the next vintage is like as well as a look at how the blending process works.

I was lucky enough to report on a buyers trip back in 2015 when I joined Jo Locke on the visit to Portugal and the Douro.


We have just booked a long weekend in Bordeaux for later in the year (staying in Pessac-Leognan), and would definitely be interested to hear of anyone’s experience arranging tastings or day tours of the vineyards/chateaux, and if anyone can recommend a tour operator, as we will probably look to take a day tour so as to avoid tasting and driving!


The problem with Bordeaux is there is relatively no turn up and taste, like say in Haro Rioja or other French regions.
You have to book in advance at nominated times and most only through operators with groups and many do not offer tastings even at a price, so it is not an informal event though still worthwhile at places like Ch Palmer which was recommended to me, can be booked by yourself and you GET a tasting
If you want to visit several then again it would have to be on a tour as doing them individually is a performance in the booking.
The tours range from around 50 euros per person for half day to up to 150 for full day and some include lunch, but there are lots of them.
If you only want to visit specific Chateaux it is best to book direct in advance to get a date that suits you, many are closed at week ends, especially Sundays so research is required.


There’s loads of Bordeaux travel advice in Bordeaux by High Speed Train topic, including a shout-out to the Vineyard Visits page of our website which might help you book some tours. :slight_smile:

I helped put this Travels in Wine together and I really loved this section Nicky and Liz put together about some of the places to visit/things to eat:

But I imagine the bits that will really appeal to lots of our members are the videos/descriptions of blending a couple of our Society-label Bordeaux wines. Especially loved how it highlighted that not only do our buyers need to know all about wine, and be able to predict how a blend will taste in a year/18 months time (so they’re not even judging the wine on how it tastes as they blend it!) but they also in many cases do it fluently in the native tongue of the producer!


I should probably admit that @SykoWino has hinted that he may be up for an AMA in the near future and I am sure he will have plenty of advice on Bordeaux wines but also people and places

stay tuned!