Book launch & tasting with Andrew Jefford

Hello :blush:

Hope everyone’s well!

We have been given five pairs of tickets to a book launch organised by the Académie du Vin Library of Andrew Jefford’s much anticipated new book, ‘Drinking with the Valkyries’, and thought we’d share them with you on the Community.

The event is taking place on 26th September 2022 from 6.30-8.30pm at Hatchards in London. You’ll get the chance to meet the author Andrew Jefford, who has been a regular contributor of articles for The Wine Society, drink some nice wine and mingle with other wine lovers in London’s oldest and finest bookshop.

First come, first served - if you’re interested please message me here on the Community with your name and email address. :open_book: :blush:


First day of the academic year… Nooooooo :weary:

I would have loved to attend if I could - he’s my wine writing hero. Whoever ends up going - have a fab time! :+1: :smile:


Likewise it’s a bit of a hike from Yorkshire so I’m out. The book I most certainly will get - Jefford is a fantastic writer.

@TeresaGirao any chance Andrew might do a tutored tasting some time ?


This, in spades!

And please let it be on wines of the Languedoc and South West France, two areas he has a wealth of knowledge on :grinning:

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I can pass your question to Andrew’s agent if you’d like me to? :slight_smile:

We still have a few tickets left if anyone’s interested? :smiling_face:

A bit too far for me to come from Inverness!! :rofl:

Yes please Teresa

Well I do think he would provide a very interesting slant on wine tasting, a different perspective to that of TWS Buyers ?

Having read some extracts from his new book, and owning a well thumbed copy of ‘The New France’ - he certainly has more poetic views (almost artistic?) regarding wine.

How that sits with his independence, and if it would present a conflict of interest I just don’t know!

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“Andrew’s agent is currently working with Anna (from our T&E team) on booking in Andrew for a virtual event for TWS for the spring. It will be more of a talk than a masterclass and it should be great value!” - Andrew’s agent feedback, hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Brilliant thanks @TeresaGirao

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Thats Amazing !!!
I also wish I could attend but I’d probably get done for child neglect :sweat_smile:.


Will there be wine involved ? @TeresaGirao

Wine to taste as in: one of those 6 @ 5cl or 10cl taster packs?

I note another esteemed member has already suggested the Midi / Languedoc - which is fine by me. If however that region has somehow run out of wine then the Loire seems acceptable?

Is anybody planning on going to this? I should be there about 7. Unfortunately my +1 had to drop out so I’ll be the one looking shifty by myself at the back.


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Hi Mark! Sorry I’ve only seen your message this morning. Jo told me you both managed to find each other, she was very pleased to meet you! :slight_smile: Hope you had a lovely time last night and enjoyed the event


Its a shame there are no pictures in the book - but it’s beautifully written, and as an ‘older’ member I’m grateful that the text is clear and readable.

So what to sip whilst reading.

Starting at the beginning, first chapter, Jefford talks about China. I do have a bottle of ‘Great Wall’ cab sauv on the wine rack (from a work trip back in 2013) - but it might not be a good experience.

Maybe a ‘vin de meditation’ or some such ?


I think I remember that piece on China. A lovely and thoughtful writer. And it turns out a very kind chap - I only got a brief conversation with him but he was very engaged and generous. Book duly bought and signed but I haven’t dug in yet.

It was a fun evening, thank you @TeresaGirao - lots of good chat. Especially great to meet @JO4WINE and @owmarcel.

Felines de Jourdain Picpoul and St Cosme CdR 2020 to drink, both of which I recommend as mid-week refreshers.