Book exchange - free wine books!

Just putting this out there. I’m not too sure how appropriate it is but would welcome contributions

I wonder if there is an appetite amongst forumers for a book exchange ? Is this permissible ?

But, anyhow, I have several Wine themed books which I’ve read and enjoyed but no longer wish to have cluttering my life. I don’t want to sell them and am happy to donate to anyone who wants them, but I would want some payment for postage costs.

Not wanting yet to show my hand, but does anyone else think this might be a viable or legitimate platform for such an initiative ?


People have put books up here before, and I certainly snapped one up. Why not try?

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I am always keen for new wine books and would happily pay postage - I cannot imagine I would be the only one on here

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Yes I’ve had books from a generous forumite in the past.

Ok, I’ll take the plunge. Here are, to start with, eight books I’m happy to give away with just the cost of postage please.

If you’re interested in any of them please message me privately and we can agree on arrangements. All are in fine condition and are hardbacks apart from the Spanish Guide.

just updated the thread title as I now have taken the plunge and posted a few wine books which I’m happy to offload for the price of their postage.

Message me privately if you’re interested in any. There are more…

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