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Bollinger QR Codes

I have a bottle each of bollinger special cuvee and rose, there are QR codes on the back label but I find they don’t scan. I’ve tried with both my and my partners phone. My phone is an iPhone 7+ so not recent but doesn’t normally present any issues.

I don’t suppose I’m missing out on anything revelatory, but has anyone else had this issue?

I have no way to personally check this, but are you trying to scan it with the regular camera app on your iPhone? Some QR codes are non-standard, so it could be there’s a Bollinger app of some sort you need to download and scan it with that.

Some companies offer a ‘farm-to-fork’ page on their website where one can enter a clear code instead of using QR but I can’t see that option on the Bollinger website.
It could be that the QR code is the same as the bottling code which probably looks like Lyydddxx where yyddd is the bottling date (year and day of the year).
Bollinger have used QR codes in the past to direct customers to advertisements, some were embedded in their coat of arms on the front label.

Have a couple of bottles on hand so have taken a look - I’m no expert and more than happy to be corrected, but these look to be “data matrix” codes (like the ones you may see on pharmaceuticals) as opposed to QR codes so maybe these are intended more for internal use and tracking vs. consumer use.

I downloaded the fee version of “QR Code” from the Apple app store and I was able to scan the code - it just though took me to the Bollinger website with nothing extra beyond that. I understand these codes can carry a lot of data in a very small space so maybe they can give the folks at Chez Bollinger more info - although that’s just a guess :upside_down_face:

Thank you all for your thoughts/help! I just downloaded a separate QR code app and like you @SkyW it then worked but just took me to the bollinger website. Sounds like your hypothesis might be right. I know some other houses provide more detailed info when you scan their QR codes so was hoping for something similar, I suppose I’ll just about survive without.


If you want info on your bottle, this article will show you how to decipher Bollinger numbers on the label. It’s been posted before but it does no harm to pop it up again from time to time.