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Bollinger offer

Is back on here


I didnt know what Bollinger meant. “Champagne Bollinger Special Cuvée Brut NV”
However I drink Champagne when its given me but i dont like it much and certainly wouldnt spend money buying it. Its just a bit of fizz and a lot of fuss to get the bottle open !


Going back to the offer, I’m a huge fan of Bollinger but to my shame, have never tried the Society’s NV Champagne. Seeing as it’s made in the Gratien style, and Bollinger is also typically full and rich, could someone advise how these two compare in style?

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TWS/Gratien has higher acidity (or at least, I perceive it as higher) and more citrus / sherbet flavours. Bollinger generally a bit richer. I think TWS doesn’t undergo malolactic fermentation, whereas I think Bollinger does. They are different, I enjoy both, @Taffy-on-Tour doesn’t…Bolly only for him I think!

In both cases would ideally give them at least a couple of years bottle age.

Target prices if you buy six:

TWS £18-22 / bottle (on offer a couple of times a year, I think the Christmas pricing is usually the best)

Bollinger Special Cuvee: £28-31, (yes, I know it says RRP £47), if you buy through whichever supermarket has the best loss leader, coupled with a generic 25% off wine in the run up to Christmas.


couldn’t agree more. The Society Gratien transforms after a year or two, becomes appley, wonderfully round, fine mousse and with real orchard fruit intensity. Hard to find better value I think when it’s on offer.


Thanks a lot. I picked up six Bollinger for around £27 each I think last Christmas from Sainsbury’s on a 25 percent off offer.

But in the interests of balance and curiosity I’ll definitely stick six of the Society’s NV away for future festivities once the Christmas discount is applied on the basis of your recommendation.


For wines that are available through supermarkets, where they have no qualms about running promotions at a loss, TWS prices will never match. But given that the number of quality wines that overlap between TWS and supermarkets is not significant, there’s always been space for both. Hence, I don’t understand this Bollinger offer from Sarah.

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I think it’s ok. £34 is a pretty decent price, and I think cheaper than most supermarkets this month. As I said above, you can probably get it cheaper if you are prepared to wait and seize your moment, but:

-This enables members to acquire and store it in reserves at a reasonable price

-I have more confidence in transport and storage pre purchase with TWS. The ones acquired in supermarkets are always a bit risky, as one doesn’t know how long they’ve been on the brightly lit hot shelf in the supermarket

-Not being able to price match feels more like an argument for not stocking big brand champagne at all, as for most of the year it will probably be on offer at a cheaper price somewhere. Presumably TWS sell reasonable amounts of it, in which case, great that those who usually buy via this route can now do so at a discount?


The argument for storing NV champagne is debatable (but now that you’ve mentioned, I will give it a try). I would say that, once you bring the bottles home, my experience shows that they get consumed within less than a year (or even 6 months). The storage conundrum will represent a small % of the champagne buying population, so I would largely cross that out from carrying much weight on the decision to buy.

I think that TWS always represents good value, and as you’ve pointed out, at the moment, the cheapest you can find it elsewhere is £ 36.99

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I bought the six once I saw the email offer yesterday, having checked that it really was cheaper than available elsewhere at the moment.

I never seem to have much luck with the supermarket offers, and I have indeed put the wines into reserves; might have the first one for Christmas 2021 and the remainder over the 3-4 years after that. I did the same last year with a six-pack of Roederer NV, and am also ‘floating’ a couple of six-packs of Charles Heidsieck NV which I’ve been dipping into through the year. Useful to have some Champagne with a bit of age around if you feel you deserve a treat, but it’s not a massive occasion, and for things like giving a bottle to friends as a thank you for staying with them.


agree the price is pretty good at £34 a bottle. 6 in my basket

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On the storage issue - I would strongly advise anyone hesitant about the value of cellaring champagnes to try it with the Society’s own label. Of course, personal preference is a factor here, but if you haven’t tried it you’ll never know…

Which brings me to the Bolly. I used to love the stuff and enjoyed the occasional (I nearly wrote “regular” there) bottle, but gave up on the brand due to bottle variability. I subsequently learned that Bollinger had at some point abandoned the addition of sulphur at disgorgement time. But back around 2014 or so they introduced jetting to try and get round this variability. I would be quite interested to hear from anyone who - like me - appreciates those extra years of cellar maturity, concerning how well this issue has been addressed. I might be tempted back again if all seems OK again.

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I have bought Bolly on a number of occasions from ASDA, when on offer.
No problem at all, with their stock. Same with recent purchases from WaitroseCellar.com at £18.69 per half.
The only supermarket I have encountered a problem with is my local Co-op. They have bright lights, a warm environment and slow moving vintage Champagne - a recipe for disaster, as I found out with a bottle of their well regarded “Les Pionniers 2008!”
Profoundly disappointing, I took the 2nd bottle back to the shop; and fair play was refunded for both. :+1: That 2nd bottle which I am fairly sure had suffered heat damage, was placed back on the shelf, for some unsuspecting soul to encounter. :open_mouth::anger: :dragon:


There’s been a Magnum of Perrier Jouet Belle Epoque Rosé 2006 on a shelf behind the counter at the Waitrose in my local station since it opened 3 years ago. I dread to think what it’s like now. Also why on earth a station Waitrose has £450 bottle of champagne.

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I purchased and cellared Bollinger NV from the Society.

November 2018 £199 per 6
July 2019 £199 per 6
November 2019 £195 per 6

Today, the Bolly NV:-

Sold out at £204 per 6.
But I have read that the Champagne Houses are struggling for space in their cellars.
And have sent some 2020 juice to the distillers. :open_mouth: :open_mouth:
And due to Covid-19, sales of Champagne to the hospitality sector world wide, have been disastrous.
So come this Festive Season, there may be huge discounts around in order to make room.
I think that we may see Bolly this Christmas at terrific prices.
It may not be at the Society :cry:, my supplier of choice.
It may be the big supermarkets, who reap the rewards of difficult Champagne trading conditions. I would hope that the Society can do better than £204 for 6, as we approach Christmas.
This event on the 10th December with Guy De Rivoire, the International Sales Director of Bollinger, may just :pray: portend a terrific Bolly offer to mark the occasion!! :+1: :champagne:
Registering interest might be a very good idea!

No doubt, eagle-eyed Community posters will let us all know when they see bargains abound!! :+1: :smiley: :dragon:

All the bottles that I have cellared with TWS have been terrific.
Having said that, fresh stock from ASDA and Waitrose has also been exemplary!!
I was very disappointed with Vintage bottles from 2005 & 2007.
My opinion is that they are in the rear view mirror, and hopefully Bolly have sorted this issue out! :+1: :dragon:

TWS has sold out of the Bollinger already, so arguably the price was too low rather than too high!

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The quantity may have been quite limited, and the price was obviously attractive, but never too low! :blush:


They responded to my dig on Instagram promoting this price - they said check the website again tomorrow, more stock on its way


With a Bollinger Sales (Zoom Event) on the 10th December, do you really think that possibly a special Christmas NV Bolly price will not be featured OR EVEN the Bollinger PN VZ 15 placed on sale??
I cannot, for a minute believe that the International Sales Director of Bollinger will spend an hour of his time promoting the Brand to the membership, and that he will not have any inducements up his sleeve in order to tempt us into opening our wallets?? :open_mouth: :+1: :dragon: