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Bollinger La Grande Année 2012




I mentioned that Bollinger 2012 was about to be released on sale by the Society.
I transpires that there has been a delay, disappointing but totally understandable.
For example today, the phones are being managed by a skeleton staff.
Looking around the market today, Bolly 2012 is generally on sale at £440IB which translates to around £92 per bottle delivered or £549 per 6 bottle case, if the Society follows other retailers.
I can only guess that the demand for Bollinger 2012 will not be as heavy as the 2008, which got spectacular reviews. We shall see. Personally, I don’t buy much vintage Champagne as it can be prohibitively expensive, as was the 2008 at £98 per bottle.
To put it into context in the current market for the price (estimated) of one bottle of the Bolly 2012 you could have easily purchased from the Rhone EP 2018 offer, a six bottle case the Cuilleron Syrah Candives with change, a case of Ogier’s La Rosine or for a few £’s more a case of Beaucastel’s Coudoulet Rouge all including taxes and of course, delivery!!

But then I see the reviews:-

I have enough regrets in my life…?!?


Further Update

I just had an email from Member Services that the Bolly 2012 has been released for sale.
Not cheap, but bit the bullet!!


Hope you don’t mind me moving, @Taffy-on-Tour, figured there’d be others who would be interested who might not see it hidden in the Rhone topic.


As you say, hidden!!
Mind you, I do wonder how many members in these troubled times might wish to fork out for £95 bottles, even for a truly excellent bottle of Bolly!!
And it does strike me that 2013 was another very good Champagne vintage but by many accounts inferior to 2012.
2015, apparently was excellent but 2018 is spoken of in hushed tones. This is the one to top up your big whisky bottle with change, but possibly 6 years to wait for that one.
So possibly, as one cab leaves the rank; STONE ME - here comes another one!! lol
And in the spirit of full disclosure, given that I missed out on the Rhone EP 2018 offer, I have found no little solace with a six bottle case of this beauty into Reserves this afternoon.