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Bollinger Event CHANGE of DATE

Bollinger, Tuesday 15th December 6:00 pm
Please note, that this date has changed, due to unforeseen circumstances.
The upside is that Sarah will host a Festive Masterclass on Fizz on Thursday, 10th Dec at 6.00pm, in it’s stead.
Register here, or watch on YouTube. :+1: :dragon:


Hello all!

Thanks so much @Taffy-on-Tour for letting everyone know :slight_smile: We are hoping to see lots of you there.

Just for clarity, the Festive Fizz Masterclass with Sarah Knowles MW is Monday 14th and new Bollinger date is Tuesday 15th December.

(I’ve had a few clever people suggest opening a Bollinger on the Monday and saving half until the Tuesday - but they have more restraint than me!)



Another reminder for the Bolly Event next Tuesday at 6.00 pm. :+1: :dragon:

Are we expecting any tempting Bolly offers to appear after this evening ?


I would love to think so.
I think NOT!!

I wrote an email two hours ago, expressing my disappointment that given that we have the top Bollinger sales person for an hour, that Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Asda have recently sold the NV and Rose, at more competitive prices than the Society. :open_mouth:
I am aware that the Society does not seek to compete on price, but given that we are to have a presentation from the International Sales Director, one might think that there just might be some Bolly goodies to accompany the occasion. Sadly, as I understand it - NOT. :cry: :dragon:

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thats a shame, and a good point around price.

Most illuminating!! :+1: :dragon:

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Maybe his motto is:
Champagne for my real friends. Real pain for my sham friends?

One titbit that I took from the presentation was that this one:

May well be in short supply.
Little wonder, due to the release price.
But it does seem to be a terrific bottle. :+1: :dragon:

Crazy to think I bought the 2004 GA 4 years ago in my local Tesco for £37.50 (half price, reduced to clear)
It was unreal!

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