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Bohórquez 2010 offer



Just received an email for this Bohórquez offer:

I’ve almost bought this Ribera del Duero a couple of times but for one reason or another have held off. This is at least a sort of EP offer and at £80 for case of 6 making it £13.33 a bottle in bond but £18.68 tax paid, compared to the current 2009 price of £20 per bottle, it is, unlike most French EPs these days, at least at some discount.

Any thoughts? Is it worth my putting in a quick order of the '09 to try it?

As I say it’s a considerable markdown but on the other hand I like to limit the amount of wines that I buy more than a couple of. Simply because, as I’ve mentioned before, I only drink about 60 bottles a year. So 10 EP orders of 6 bottle cases represents my entire year’s drinking and only choosing between 10 different wines would get a trifle tedious!


The 07 was lovely, I haven’t tried the ‘09 yet, but I’ve got a bottle waiting for me in the rack, which I’m looking forward to, but doesn’t really help you.

The drinking window goes to 2026 so you could drink 1 bottle a year until it’s gone, only 1/60 of your annual allowance, but you’ll need somewhere to keep it.


I had a magnum of the 2004 which was fantastic.


Or, I guess, I could just buy it as and when it’s in the TWS list. Maybe if it was at a more significant discount I might have gone for it. Problem is that it’s a very short window for putting in an order. Now to 1st October.


I had a bottle of the 2004. Bought in 2011 for £19 and consumed at my wine club in 2018, to universal acclaim. Testifying to the longevity of this wine.
Had been toying with buying some 2009, but I think I will go for the 2010 EP offer. And maybe just a bottle of the '09 as a taste of pleasures to come.


I bought 2 bottles of the 2009… I’ve drunk one and it was very good. Lots of fruit, good acidity, good structure, well balanced and to my mind, a little too young. I’m keeping the other bottle for at least a couple of years and have gone for a dozen of the 2010. VGV I think.


Like you I was very tempted for the same reasons but don’t know much about the wine.
Replies seem very positive however.


I think I’ll punt for this. Good little offer. Unlike a lot of EP this will be drinking straight away after delivery.


I liked it (the 09) but wasn’t wowed. Good wine, but I guess it just didn’t excite me, unlike the Galician reds for example.


I tried the 2006 in 2014, and liked it well enough that I ploughed into this without hesitation. :tractor:


Allocations are done. There was “high demand” but it seems I managed to get 2 cases I put in for.


High demand again :open_mouth:

Doesn’t appear in my ‘En Primeur Offers’ but is in ‘My Wines’. Is this normal?




“High demand” is a fairly standard email template, I think…


I would agree that I have received the ‘high demand’ email when recieving all of my (many) EP allocations in the last year or so!


Yet to see an email describing “low demand” :joy:


Yes I got all I was after as well