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I like reading South African journalist Emile Joubert on his blog Wine Goggle.

He writes reports on various wines and wineries, researches and demolishes winemaking myths (such as the origin of the name Poreseleinberg, and Cape ‘Sherry’, restaurant reviews and sometime flights of chuckle generating fantasy.

Good interview with Hugh Johnson on the F&R site: Editorial | FINE+RARE

Looks like a book for the Christmas list!

Since he started writing about wine in the 1960s, Hugh Johnson has sold 20 million books. As a new edition of The Story of Wine touches down, Sophie Thorpe talks to the best-selling author about a lifetime spent telling – and selling – the stories behind every bottle

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Jeeps - didn’t know he was still with us ! I think I even have a signed copy of one of his books.

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He certainly is, thank god! Just bought his 2021 Wine Pocket book, which is a fab source and fun to read, as always. Except for the mistake of putting Roter Veltliner as both a red (horror!) and white grape. And stating that Roussette de Savoie is made from Roussette (should be Altesse, no?). But other than that - perfection.

EDIT: just checked and some still call Altesse ‘Roussette’, so he’s off on this count :smiley: