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Blocked toilet not a left handed bottle opener

We have had trouble with one of our toilets for months.
At this point the WS software pops up and tells me this is similar to the subject of a left handed bottle opener !
On thursday the water sufdeenly stopped draining away . So we then had to go to the toilet upstairs.
I phoned my local plumber early friday & left a message . He came at 4 pm and managed to clear it using a massive plunger which he used vigorously . He charged me £10. !
We celebrated with having very nice takeaway fish and chips from our local pub.


Hope it stays clear, plunger might only temporarily clear it if there’s an underlying issue.
I’d get all the New Zealand Sauvignon you have and pour that down there, but that’s just me.


What difference would that make appart from being a dreadfull waste of money.
We have a sewer under our drive for all the houses in the development. It got blocked once and flowed down the drive. Our drive is on a slope so it just flowed down to the road .
If that were to happen yorkshire water would need to come and sort it out.

I am not sure it is a good idea to contaminate the sewer with New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. It would eventually find its way back to the water supply… :wink:

On a more serious note, I only wish a handyman here would charge similar…


The manager of a restaurant I used to work in once unblocked a toilet with 2 litres of Coca Cola! Can’t decide if that’s worse than NZ Sauvignon Blanc.


I’d be worried it was blocked now and might take a look.

Just spent an hour unblocking my own kitchen sink.

I think this wins the prize for most bizarre thread title :grinning:


If the software hadnt thought my first line suggested it was like the left handed bottle opener it would not be so odd. I dont why it reacted in such a way.

The problem with those things (you can buy one yourself at any plumbing suppliers) is that if the blockage doesn’t shift once you plunger it, you will have pressurized the drain pipe and it will all blow back in your face - ask any plumber.

On reflection, probably best to get someone in to do it.

Its a downstairs toilet The outlet at the back of the toilet goes into the ground and not into a drainpipe. A pipe runs under our drive paralell to a “Private” sewer. At some point further down our drive their is an inspection chamber . Here is where the outpouring from the drain joins the sewer.

Once you have the drains moving, try you and some of your neighbours putting synchronised water bombs down the respective manholes. Generally works.

I dont have to do anything like that . If I get a blocked sewer it is now the responsibility of yorkshire water. I just let them know and they come and sort it out. Some years ago the state passed an act of parliament making transferring the ownership to the water company. I also have the drain coming from my nighbors house to join the sewer that is under my drive
I am just responsible for the pipe from my house to where it meets the pipe that comes from my neighbors house…

Can’t visualise your layout or your responsibilities, but the simple effort of filling a bin or garden floppy buckets with water and simultaneously tipping down your manholes, does a great job of flushing.

Thanks but you do not know my situation. If i open my man hole cover there is quite a drop down to the bottom and one would need a ladder to get down it. So for my health and safety i can leave it to someone else to do. Especially as leaving it to Yorkshire Water who own it , does not cost me any money. but if i was to fall down it it could cost me my life!

The right decision. Stay away, sounds like a bank holiday bad dream, may I suggest you resort to champagne and banana sanwiches to help calm your nerves.

Long past the days when Bank holidays meant anything. This morning i enjoyed the tranquility of our local Quaker Meeting in Strawberry street Keighley . The champagne of the Holy Spirit is good enough for me.