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Bloc Cellier

Has anyone any experience with purchasing Bloc Cellier , just built a new garage and was thinking they would look quite smart along a back wall , without costing the absolute earth
Doesn’t look to be a uk stockist anymore so delivery charges are circa 300 euro :see_no_evil:

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If you want to save the 300 euros, and you’re not bothered about aesthetics (you just want functionality) and you are on a budget, you could use concrete manhole cover blocks (I’ve posted a link on the OWC thread). They’re buttons, and do exactly the same job.

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Have you got a link to that tanntastic, struggling to find it … but spent ten minutes reading about other solutions …

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Thanks for that , now the dilemma …
Do I want the aesthetic appeal or an extra £500 of wine ?

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This is my issue. I keep thinking about putting a store in the garage. Instead I buy more wine.

I guess if I drank faster there would be less to store right?



having got the underground version of these in Spiral cellar form I would advise AGAINST having your entire cellar kitted with these.

As soon as you get strange shaped bottles - including Alsace flutes - these fall over…literally!

Mix them with some nice single bottle holders and :+1:

these look nice - https://www.i-bidder.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/in2corporate/catalogue-id-in2cor10224/lot-96743a0c-fd5d-42a4-96ad-acc900de7af6

Aye, but for every solution there always appears a different problem! :smiley:

I have some terracotta individual bottle wine racks and if there’s any dampness in your cellar, wave goodbye to your labels pretty quick, because the moisture has nowhere to escape to and the various funguses love it.

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