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Blaye and the right bank

We are sat in the Blaye vineyard of Chateau Marquis de Vauban after our evening meal contemplating the relative pros and cons of the right bank. Visited Chateau Monconseil Gazin this afternoon and enjoyed some of their wines being guided by Jane Anson’s new bibliography, Inside Bordeaux. Left wondering what member’s experience if the Bourg/Blaye AOC’s is?


Limited and therefore a learning experience for me.

Chateau Monconseil Gazin is a regular repeat Bordeaux for me from Blaye and from Bourg I have enjoyed a couple of TWS offerings: Nectar de la Grave, Chateau Le Clos du Notaire and Chateau Passedieu. All good quality value for money clarets.


the fact that you are there in person means I won’t be replying :wink: have a fabulous time…I love Blaye…do you take the Bac over to the Gironde ?

my experience is the wines vary greatly - both in quality and taste profile…have tried several whilst over there but cant find my tasting book (its in a box somewhere!)…


Chateau Nodoz, Ch Lamothe, Ch Brulesecaille all visited, tasted and enjoyed.


Bourg and Blaye have the reputation for being a great source of what used to be called “luncheon clarets”, i.e. typical light red bordeaux which go well with food. Something that is unlikely to wow you, but something you will be grateful you bought, and which didn’t adversely affect your bank balance.

Like other areas of Bordeaux, there are these days wines made with greater pretensions and at a noticeably higher price, though I have no experience of them I’m afraid.


Many years ago, when I was learning about wine, Blaye was dismissed. But that was a time when you could buy classed growth clarets from Augustus Barnett at about twice the cheapest claret.

Like much of what I learned way back then, events and changes in viti & viniculture, have made such views obsolete.

I’ve had a few Blaye from TWS including Château Haut Sociondo & Château Segonzac and have visited Blaye wineries.

But when I search TWS for Blaye I get 20 hits including German and Spanish wines. Limiting it just the wines from France gets 7 wines which include Vouvray and CnDP!

There’s only one claret there and that’s from Margaux:- Château Durfort Vivens!

So it seems that currently TWS do not stock any Blaye wines (though their searching facility is so - how shall I put it? - ‘idiosyncratic’ that who knows!)