What have the Romans ever done for us?


Possibly similar to how people in Frankfurt call a hotdog sausage a Wiener, and people in Vienna call it a Frankfurter.


Does anybody have any experience of or thoughts on this which has recently appeared? Must admit the description certainly has me curious:

This is the one @freddy mentioned above. I did bite today. No experience with it though.

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It’s been a while since I’ve had an Ungerberg, and never one that old. Pittnauer has natural-ish tendencies that in my experience can give a particularly funky smell on opening (which tends to blow off and result in delicious wines with a few hours in a decanter). On that basis would recommend anyone trying it opens a few hours ahead for a quick sniff and decants if funky (though it’s possible that bottle age also mitigates this).

Must say, it’s seriously challenging my willpower as regards not buying more wine.


I succumbed and added a bottle to my current order, although managed to restrain myself to one. I’m certainly a fan of the northern Rhone, but would normally avoid too old and funky, and would be looking slightly askance at most syrah at this price level at this age, so will be intrigued to try this.



Enjoyed a fantastic 2020 Bela Joska at a few meals in Lech last week at the terrific Hagens. I hadn’t tried either previously. Hagens came to my attention via JR: Lech – an eating resort | so thought I would give it a go and enjoyed three splendid meals there.

Only previous young blaufrankisch has been TWS 2018 drunk in '22. Other than that all have been +10yrs old. The 2020 Bela Joska is stunning, lots of red and black currant, bright acidity which is well integrated and a slight metallic note that I think is wonderful in blaufrankisch…almost erring to lemon. It is such a joy to find an outstanding bottle.

Turns out the Bela Joska retails at 11-12 euro…amazing…I have tried in vain to source a case that can be delivered to UK or Sweden but no joy so far. A note from the vineyard directs me to Newcomer wines in the UK but I am loath to spend £20+/btl…happy to buy other vintages but really would like to stock up on the '20s. The search continues…

Weingut Wachler Weisler sound like they are well worth exploring.