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Blanc de Blancs (not just champagne)

My palate has not yet recovered from Covid

Anything made from red/black grapes tastes somewhat unpleasant (rather like cheap, strongly scented, nail varnish remover) but white wines made from white grapes seem to be OK.

So what should I put in my Christmas dozen please? I’d like a sparkler (Banquette de Limoux maybe?) and some different still wines. Probably avoiding the finest wines known to mankind, as I think I might miss the subtle nuances… I had some Verdicchio dei Castello di Jesi last night and it tasted OK (nothing will taste extraordinary at the moment), so that’s a place to start, though I might like some more full bodied wines as well

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As a general suggestion, is it possible that your palate will react better to sweet, semi-sweet/off-dry white wines, as they have a strong retro-nasal effect (but potentially the sweetness will smooth out the other elements?).


So many choices! Using the TWS website and filters you can choose your price range, colour, rule out any levels of eg sweetness that you don’t want etc and be impressed with the selection available. Try this.

I can definitely recommend this Portuguese white for something a bit more full bodied at a good price
https://www.thewinesociety.com/shop/ProductDetail.aspx?pd=PW8091. Happy choosing.


Hi @SueP, sorry to hear your palate hasn’t recovered, hopefully the rest of you has!

Rousanne, Marsanne and Viognier are all white grapes. Whites from the Rhone are thus a good go-to (and what I’m planning to have with christmas dinner). While it really won’t go with what we’re having, I’ve got a bottle Guigal CdR blanc which I’d like to try before I recommend it, so may get back to you later this evening with a yay/nay from me.

For something more off piste Furmint is a lovely grape and I really like this one

Last but by no means least if it’s back in stock in time for Christmas (fingers crossed!) the Society’s Exhibition Chenin Blanc is excellent.


Thanks. I might try one or two off dry, but generally I prefer fairly dry wines, and the verdicchio hit the spot fairly well

Thanks, I will use the search, but was hoping a few suggestions might narrow it down
The Portuguese is an interesting thought, not at all sure about oak but I could try it in a spirit of experimentation

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Thanks, those all look like the sort of thing I usually like, definitely the Guigal goes in, and might try the furmint, haven’t had any since I was in Hungary 2 years ago

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Try some rieslings: the acidity should come through. Having just had a Tony Jost last night, I can recommend those, but if there are some you have liked in the past, try those: you will be able to fill in some of the missing flavours from memory.


We had it last month and really enjoyed it! Excellent vfm :+1:

Agree that more rounded but aromatic whites may work well.

I would also recommend this lovely Viognier:

Hope your palate recovers fully in due course, @SueP! Must be so frustrating.


Sorry! In which case here are some of my unoaked favourites:


I’d highly recommend this


I’m also a yay!

A quick menu change and it ended up working well with our vaguely scandi-inspired mustardy salmon and beetroot. As the description says - peach, pear and honey. I’ll be putting some more in my next order (along with the viognier you’re recommending).

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How about a quality English sparkler? If it’s got to be a blanc de blancs, then for preference, one grown on chalk. Such as this one -

A bit pricey, but it’s a 2013, and had 4 years on its lees then another couple of years in the cellar.

They have just had a special offer to people signed up to their mailing list which brings in a dozen at under half price, so if you want more, give them a call to see what they might be able to do. No promises etc.


Thanks for reporting back - I have had Guigal white CdR in the past, so I know I have liked, but not from TWS

I’ve not had TWS Picpoul de Pinet, but I’ve yet to meet one I didn’t like, so that goes in too and well consider th eothers as well


I spent an evening with four friends last year trying out white wines to see which one I should have as my house white … Domaine des Ratelles Muscadet was second but the Pazo de Villarei Albarino was the unanimous first choice. Really yummy