Black pudding bonbons

So it’s the start of the Autumn internationals and it’s important to brace yourself for deep disappointment by having good food and drink to accompany the game. If I was attending the match, my pockets would contain butcher made scotch eggs and pork pies to go with the beer.

Today, I’m making some black pudding bonbons coz they’re easier to make and scoff than a full blown egg containing beauty, but you could just make them bigger and put in a boiled hens or quails egg.

It’s fairly easy to do, if a bit messy and no sharp implements needed.

  • Take half inch chunks (or bigger - only you know how big your mouth is :wink:) of black pudding and roll them into balls.
  • Put some of your liveliest mustard in a bowl.
  • Put some polenta flour in another bowl.
    • I think I will put chilli flakes in my polenta.
  • Put an egg into a third bowl and beat it.
  • Put some warm soapy water in your washing up bowl.
  • Have a clean plate to put your bonbons on.
  • Take some good quality sausage meat, slap some in the palm of your left hand (if you are right handed) and then squash it out to create the envelope for the black pudding.
  • Take the black pudding in your right hand roll in the mustard and place it in the middle of your sausage envelope and close over, knitting all edges smoothly.
  • Using your favoured hand:
    • Roll the Bonbon in the egg mix, then, Roll in the polenta.
    • Place on the plate, wash favoured hand in soapy water, rinse, dry and start again.
  • When all are done, heat some oil in a pan (enough oil for the bonbons to be covered in) and fry until the polenta is golden.
  • I’ll try and put some process photos on later.


Oh yes - these sound great!!!

Can’t wait for the Autumn Internationals. Anyone going to any? We have Japan tickets as a warm up for next years World Cup (flights booked last week) :sunglasses:

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I’m definitely trying this ! Thanks @DrEm for posting. I’ve linked it to the recipe wiki.


These will need to be tried!

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About 2:30 to 3 minutes in the friar was about right

How do you get them out of the poor friar? :slight_smile:


:joy: - not sure if that was ignorance on my part or auto correct

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What with the rugby being on again, I’m repeating this venture but with haggis instead of black pudding. Tempted to make them bigger too.


Wife is nodding enthusiastically!!

What seasoning would you recommend for the sausage meat? I think I’ll go the haggis route first… this is just too appetising.

I tend to get the sausage meat of my favourite sausage. Howeve, I would think Thyme, lots of black pepper, maybe finely crushed and chopped Juniper, Fennel seeds.

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Mr JayKay is barfing :face_vomiting: on the sofa. He’s not a black pudding man!

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He just hasn’t had the “right” black pudding :slight_smile:


He just doesn’t like the thought of it, rather than disliking the taste - it never gets that far! He only ate it once and that was unknowingly!


I am pretty sure less people would by it was it labelled pig’s blood pudding…

When I was a kid we occasionally (very rarely and never st home…) ate fried pig’s blood with onions, which is practically replacing the egg in an omelette with blood.


I find that the only one I can just about tolerate is a Morcilla de Leon- and usually only if it’s cooked in a Fabada Asturiana- i.e. it’s melted into the whole stew. I find its texture much more palatable. But I think black pudding is a bit of an acquired taste- and I usually adore most things piggy. :pig: