Bit of a celebratory weekend

Finished up work last week so a few nice bottles this weekend…enjoying work purchases finally…they were all magnificent.

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Nice line up. No work tomorrow then!

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It’s a good feeling…and no vino firs few days!

Is that a retirement celebration, @adbdorset? Whichever way, it’s a good range of wines.

Désertaux-Ferrand is not a grower I have come across before - just out of interest, how did you find that wine? I mean, what did it taste like, not where did you buy it!

Well long story short, stayed in a gite at Corgoloin owned by the Desertaux’s who also was a small scale vigneron back in 1990. Returning after many years in 2017, its now Desertaux Ferrand, in the same location access to more 1er cru acreage, and beyond Corgoloin, includes Beaune and Pommard. Remains a family business, nice people, and a great find.
Delightful wine, soft tannins, berrys and moderate length.
Check them out if you’re on a road trip.