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Birthday wines that don't break the bank

I am interested in buying some special birthday wines in the future, probably for either mine or my OH’s 40th. The years are 1982 and 1983. Definitely unable to afford a 1st growth or similar, and my wife isn’t too keen on desert wines. Has anybody got any great (preferably cheap) suggestions?

Too expensive?



Hey, 1982 was a fantastic year for Bord…



Haha, exactly! However maybe a lesser producer?

This looks great! Will Rioja still taste good at this age?

You could check out these guys:
They specialise in old vintages. That pages has a Chateau Fourcas Hosten Listrac at £30 (don’t know how good it would be). The “Our Wines” in the navigation bar at the top lets you enter a vintage and you’ll see everything they have for that vintage.


I’d expect it to. VG vintage and a Gran Reserva.

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Try this place in the New Forest?
Quite a user friendly search facility


Not the best looking website, but I’ve used Four Walls Wine Co before and been very happy with the results.


Nothing showing for your years I’m afraid, but this might be of interest to others so thought it might be useful to post the link.


Perhaps go with 2 bottles of something 20 years old or 4 bottles of something that is 10 years old? It’s interesting to have something from your birth year, however it might not be as enjoyable to drink - unless its Port ('83 was a good vintage).


'83 Bordeaux can be quite good and not as pricey as '82.
I picked up a couple of good bottles of D’Angludet '83 from TWS a couple of years ago. Apparently 1983 was better in Margaux than most other communes

this supplier looks interesting for odd bottles from older vintages


and Richard Edwards (findwineuk@gmail.com) sources some interesting older bottles.

good luck


Rioja definitely worth a look in ‘82 but unlikely to be a screaming bargain.

Ancient and Modern wines often have minor bordeaux for reasonable prices. Not used them myself but know several satisfied customers.

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I had some amazing 1982 white Colares a few years ago in Lisbon. If you like aged dry Rioja, Sherry and old dry Vouvray you will like it. Its still available (with a Portuguese merchant):

There are a number of old school Portuguese reds that are ageworthy as well. Some really good Cru Bourgeois clarets are probably still drinking well. Cissac 1985 was a really pleasant surprise ,wrong year but a wine that in those days was built to last.


I’ve bought from Ancient & Modern previously - its a very good service and prices are very fair. If it was me I would go for a 1982 reserva or gran reserva Rioja - a stellar year. I had a 1982 Vina Real reserva from a TWS offer a few years back and it was spectacular.

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