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Birthday vintage


Hi all. I am looking to acquire a bottle or two from my year of birth (1991) to open next year on my 30th. Any advice on the best places/sources to acquire such a bottle would be appreciated. (I am conscious of buying some old, but not gold guff. I want a decent bottle that doesn’t break the bank). Thanks!


'91 was a vintage port year, which is probably your best bet for not silly money birth year stuff. It wasn’t the best year in a lot of places so majority of wines will be a bit passed it (I have a similar, and increasing problem with 1980!), but the TWS drinking chart suggests Northern Rhone and Rioja might be good bets.

For buying Port (and Madeira) https://www.portugalvineyards.com/en/search?controller=search&orderby=price&orderway=asc&search_query=1991&submit_search=Search has done me well in the past


Rats, the Monbel Bas Armagnac was 91 until recently, very nice it is too.

I guess you could always go here for some others in that year if you like brandy! https://www.armagnac.com/en/1991/


You could try this online outlet


TWS has some 'anniversary wines https://www.thewinesociety.com/Shop/Anniversary.aspx but unfortunately not for 1991


Define “break the bank”…

1991is a poor vintage in Bordeaux but good in the northern Rhône if that’s your thing.

When buying older vintages, even bottles with perfect provenance can be duff. It’s a bit of a punt in part.


As others say you really need to define breaking the bank.

Musar 91? Corks Out might have it in stock.


Another vote for port. Some of the 91s are very good, others less so. All will be drinkable (assuming you like port), Croft is very good if you can find it. Wine searcher is your friend. Have a look at the tasting notes on ‘The Port Forum’ for more detail. Madeira will be good, again if you like them. I can’t imagine that many table wines will be that consistent or much good now although there may be some posh ones.


1991 Laphroaig (Islay Whisky - highly peated) £495. Blimey that’s a lot of money, however I imagine it will be memorable to say the least - and zero chance of being ‘corked’ or whatever. Armagnac is better priced, but less distinctive.



Croft in stock at Lay and Wheeler. As is Dow’s, Graham’s and Warre’s.



:nauseated_face::nauseated_face: presume you don’t mean this​:rofl::wink: Showing my age I think, although apparently it’s still a thing and getting 5 stars of the Tesco website. So what do I know!


Indeed I do not!

I mean this…



Thanks all!

Re: budget - up to £100 for a bottle.

Not a massive port drinker, but will take a look at the suggestions.