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Birthday Treat

Today being a birthday it was planned to return to La Dame de Pic - Four Seasons Hotel, Trinity Square, City of London - however the best-laid plans of mice and men, and so on.
However, the ‘sainted daughter’ has ridden to the rescue and somehow arranged for a complete lunch to be delivered.
There is a difficulty because she will not say what it is we are going to eat, accordingly, I have had to stand up a number of bottles and including chilling a few whites in the hope that something will match whatever it is that is due to arrive.
One of the now standing wines was a Christmas present, it is an orphan bottle of Chateau Duhart-Milon 2011 (sadly not the 2010) Please has anyone drunk this, does it need a few more years or should it be drinking well now? Many thanks.


Happy Birthday!
Can’t help with the wine I’m afraid.
I started my career in that building when it was the head office of a large insurance broker. It also doubled as the HQ of CI5 in “The Professionals”. How’s that for useless trivia?


Cellar Tracker’s your friend on this one.

Based upon recent reviews, it seems to be drinking well currently. Happy birthday to you and enjoy your day, with your family, virtual or otherwise.


Happy birthday! Curious about the meal, how exciting!

As for the wine, I think the 2011s are drinking fine now in general. I’d believe the cellar tracker view above.

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‘the best-laid plans of mice and men’ - That’s a very apt quote for today! :tumbler_glass: Cheers

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The meal was exciting, Japanese/Korean, with a hint of S. America! But what to drink? In the end, we went for a bottle of Charles Heidsieck Brut Reserve. Talk about a food match made in heaven, the food brought out flavours in the champagne that I had never noticed before and vice versa.
At last, there is a drink that goes with Oriental cuisine.
Win, win, win!


Many Happy Returns and delighted that your resourceful daughter made it such a memorable birthday.
“At last, there is a drink that goes with Oriental cuisine.” Where do I begin? This may not be the thread to bang on about this and I’m not going to say anything novel or groundbreaking but I think the list is long and endlessly entertaining. We eat a lot oriental food and, as a general rule, find that New World (is it OK to say that…?) & South American whites normally pair with those zingy flavours and chilli very well: Riesling, dry Muscat & drier Gewurtztraminer can be especially good. For heartier fare and beefie things, you can do a lot worse than the WS Aussie Shiraz.
I used to think that Japanese food was more elusive, though I know a lot of people reach for NZ Pinot Noirs. We’ve also had surprising success when drinking Beaujolais (at all price levels) with some of the darker flavours.
I’m still working on the best accompaniments for the currently, seethingly fashionable Korean gochujang: if anyone has any ideas - or could point me to a more appropriate thread - I’d be very grateful.


Thank you very much for the heads-up.
Interesting news about Beaujolais, I had never thought of that.
Presumably, the Koreans would drink some sort of beer with gochujang. The difficulty with this sauce is that it is incredibly sweet, also its pungency will probably overpower most wines.
Perhaps something dark and uncompromising from Eastern Europe?
Anyway, thanks again.