Bin Series - You’re the Buyer!

Kefalonian Robola


You and me both…! In fact, my initial thought was to go for Petite Arvine from the Valais, but the brief said 'easy to source '… I’ve got a few treasured Swiss wines in my wine fridge, at least a couple of which will make an appearance during Christmas.


How about something like this?

Cabidos Vin Doux, Cuvée Saint Clément, Petit Manseng 2015 50cl

in stock

Cabidos Vin Doux, Cuvée Saint Clément, Petit Manseng 2015 50cl

£9.50 bottle

£57.00 case of 6

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I don’t buy or drink nearly enough sweet petit manseng based wine. Every time I do, I love it. Definitely think I’m guilty of looking down my nose at sweet wine.
Ideally I like it as an afternoon hammock based drink to be followed by a snooze. So it fulfils the brief I think but maybe Bin #10 in July 2021?


I’d quite like to see more wines from Germany, especially good quality Winzersekt . I’m not sure if TWS have ever stocked a winzersekt but quality can be found in a decent traditional method Wine .


How about an old vine cinsault from South Africa? Some fantastic examples at very reasonable prices.

Any Swiss wine would be expensive for the Bin Series.

Perhaps a Val D’Aosta Petit Arvine.

Also Blanc de Morgex et de La Salle would be nice (Prié Blanc)


Perhaps Clos Joliet had a spare barrel kicking around? :grinning:

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I know we had the Bobal in the series (which was decent, but not outstanding in my opinion), but I’d really like to see some more regional Spain, beyond Rioja and Ribera del Duero. There are some great value wines from elsewhere in the Duero valley, for example, or Campo de Borja.

I note that at present, there are over 12 times as many wines listed from France as Spain on the website. Surely we are overlooking some gems there.

Alternatively, some from marginal Chilean areas (high altitude Elqui valley whites, for example).


Good choice. A producer from Montilla Moriles, like Alvear, could supply a dry fino style PX at a reasonable price.

You’re right… Bin this idea :smiley:

Surely bin 007 should be kina lillet?

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You broke the rules (although I suppose it wasn’t a dreadful gag).

It only took a day…


Assuming that Bin #007 is around £13 per bottle and we are allowed 3.
So £39 on the order and a £75 minimum for a carriage free order.
What wines would you select to the value of £36 to make up the balance of the order? :dragon:

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Doesn’t everyone keep a running wish list?


Not me!! :+1: :dragon:

Nor me

On the basis that we’re due a white wine in the bin series, I’d choose a Fiano or a Godello. Admittedly, neither are that obscure, but both are probably under the radar of lots of members that are not part of this community.

Both grapes can produce really excellent interesting wines that would have broad appeal to the masses. Plus both can be seen as an answer to the what is an alternative to Chardonnay question.


If an alternative to Chardonnay is the question, then Austrian Rotgipfler will be my proposed (Bin) answer :+1:


Sounds more like a character in the Ricky Gervais book “Flanimals” that i read to my kids when they were younger.