Bin Series - You’re the Buyer!

Whilst speculating as to the identity of the soon to be released Bin Series 007 on another thread, I wondered what I would choose for this release were it up to me.

So fellow community members, what would you select and why?

NB - the question is not, “what’s the most obscure grape I know?”, as your selection would need to sell in sufficient quantities to the wider membership AND would need to be made in sufficient quantities for a commercial release. This is less about wine grape geekery and more about hitting the Bin Series commercial brief/sales targets were you a Wine Society buyer.

For my part, I would choose a Langhe Freisa (a historic, “heritage” variety from Barolo country that would appeal to fans of aromatic, lighter reds) or a pristine Franciacorta (a sparkling wine would be a nice addition to the range in time for Christmas and I’d do anything to show people that there’s a world of Italian fizz beyond Prosecco).

Two personal pleas from me:

  1. Please no dreadful James Bond/007 gags; and
  2. If you’re not a Bin Series fan, or feel that’s it just overblown marketing hype etc, there are plenty of other threads for you to contribute on rather than spreading unnecessary negativity.

Thanks for making my decision. A fascinating grape, in my limited experience, that fits the brief of the Bin Series perfectly.


Well the Wine Society do have a longstanding relationship with a little known grower of Freisa called GB something…nope, name escapes me.


I have two bottles left from the GB mixed case TWS released awhile ago, the Freisa is one of them. It isn’t hard to guess what the other one is !


Roero Arneis. More people should know about and enjoy this fabulous grape, and it shouldn’t be too difficult to source. I think :thinking:


Probably rather unsurprising one given my comments hoping for it to be the last two Bin series, but I’d go a Listan Blanco from Ycoden-Daute-Isora (or anywhere else in the Canaries, really). In a related vein a Malvasia Volcanica from Lanzarote wouldn’t go a-miss.

Unfortunately getting wine from the Canaries isn’t really viable at the Bin Series price point :frowning:


Exactly - so answer the actual question! :wink:


and another one starting GD something…


There’s so many amazing Italian grapes more people should know about, but you’re right with the Arneis also being a realistic as something sourceable.

An Ischia Biancolella or a Vernacchia di San Gimiano would be other great slightly off the beaten track but available.


They’d probably have a large enough scale production operation, too.

How about an Ischian Palummo?

But I digress @strawpig as this would not be commercially viable. What’s your choice? Don’t forget, your Christmas commission relies upon it.


Ooooh yes! We’ve now opened a whole other gate of lighter southern italian reds too (A Piedirosso from Puglia… there’s more than just massive Primativo and mediocre Rosé!).


Since this seems to be a little myopically Italian…

I would love to see a Kalecik Karasi, because every one I’ve had has been excellent (low tannin high acidity reds), but given how hard they are to find I suspect the production isn’t big enough.

So what about a still xarel-lo? There are some excellent ones around (though my favourite - Pairal - seems to have become more expensive than I’m prepared for, many are at a reasonable price too).


I did attempt the Canary Islands, but veto’d myself on cost.

Still Xarel-lo can be amazing, agreed. A dry PX would be another interesting addition (alas a Ximenez Spinola would be way too expensive!).

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For another more reasonable/viable Spanish example I’d love to see a Arabako Txakolina. Much richer and without the light fizz of its coastal cousins, from the same area as Alavesa Rioja.

(no, I have no made a decision yet).


That’s a new one for me… any recommended producers?

I think some coastal Txacoli (sorry, going a little more mainstream) would be very popular as San Sebastián is pretty trendy amongst the foodies. Might also bring back lots of good holiday memories to many of the WS audience.

(Side note - some Asturian Cider wouldn’t go amiss @Freddy)


Is probably the nicest I’ve had.


I suggested on the other thread that Bin#007 might be Portuguese, on the grounds of its many and varied indigenous grapes.

Assuming it’s in the spirit of the Bin series, I’d really like to see a field blend, a style currently undergoing something of a renaissance in Portugal (and maybe elsewhere?). Vallado’s field blend, for example, often comprises anywhere between 25 and 35 grapes, few or any of which are recognised international varieties.

That would be pushing the boundaries, surely, in a way that new world PN isn’t.


More about a country than a grape, I would love to see more Swiss wines exported, and I would love to see TWS develop a relation with a producer there.
Unfortunately, the Swiss keep the good stuff for themselves, exporting a mere 1.5% of their annual production.
While I have a near-zero knowledge of the structure of this industry in the country, I recall drinking some good Chasselas wines made from old vines, with acidity, floral hints, and honey, often paired with the cheesy Alpine wonders of the region.