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Bin Series #5

Anything to avoid another “Emails aren’t fair” series of rants :flushed:


One case into Reserves. If it’s anything like as good as its stablemates it will be something to look forward to in a year or so.


Thanks for the tip.
Might have to add the Jeunes Vignes to the next order, oh dear…will it ever end…

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I don’t think you will regret it. @Freddy said on the Instagram live that it was one of (if not) the highest rated wines on the website.

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Not as long as you continue to frequent these pages :star_struck: :joy:


Usually the society doesn’t charge duty and VAT on the 2 scheduled deliveries to the island but I have to order by emailing member services. I don’t have that option at the moment. The Channel Islands duty and VAT is indeed local and the process of recovering duty and VAT is not so simple in fact I don’t know it is possible to recover the duty at all.

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You guys!

FOMO has meant me buying two - but I understand we have to pick a full case for pick-up at Stevenage, so another 10 wines including 6 of Once & Future Zins, total cost of case well over £300

Thanks a lot!


I don’t think you have to pick a full case, just need to get over £75… At least I have been delivered a 3 bottle pick and mix last week.

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No, you don’t need a full case or minimum value for pick up. I asked, and my order for 10 was accepted.

Although your post is true it is short on empathy for customers who may miss out on Bin 5. Suggesting that they are partly to blame will not ease their disappointment. The active community is only a small (but admittedly thirsty) percent of the TWS customer base.


Isn’t the answer to this that unfortunately, with the limited (and not limitless) supply of wine that TWS can acquire, there will always be winners and losers, not matter what medium or method is used to communicate?


Sure. But as long as it isn’t the same winners and same losers every time.

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That’s not something that I think any single member could ever know though is it? I’d assume a massive breach of GDPR to be able to ascertain that evidence.

Besides, I lost out on Barolo 2016, but got a case of Bin #005. I feel neither hard done by, nor victorious. As I answered in my questionnaire, I shop with other suppliers because the First Come First Served principle means if I’m quick off the mark, I get what I want (generally). That isn’t TWS model.

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I understand that everything including wine has a limited supply. As always there will be the lucky and unlucky. That’s life. I did not propose a change to the Bin Series marketing model. My point was that all customers matter to the wellbeing of the business.

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I think it is a fair question as to why a new wine release is announced on Friday using social media but an email alerting members is not sent until Tuesday.

What possible justification is there for not sending the email at the same time as the social media annoucement?

There will always be winners and losers but I don’t really understand why emails, free to send and quick to receive, are delayed a full five days from the initial annoucement.

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362 cases left!

Sent 6 to reserves. Plan to drink them when in UK in 2024


@szaki1974 and @SPmember

Thanks for the info.

A full case was what I was told last week when I asked a member of Customer Services who phone me last week to tell me I could now collect the order I’d placed at the beginning of March…

£75 or full case wasn’t (and seems isn’t) necessary for pick up at Stevenage which is one reason why I’ve always gone there – before lockdown.

From their reply to me of 16 May:

The showroom will commence it’s click & collect service on Wednesday 20/05 and will be open Monday - Saturday 10am-4pm for pre ordered collections only. The discount is the same, 25p per bottle, the £3.00 referred to is for a case of 12 but this is not a pre-requisite, you can order just a 6 bottle case. Please note, the next day service is still not available and so a collection lead time from point of order is approximately 4 working days but you will see the dates when placing the order.

So when I was told ‘a case’ being an oldie, to me a case is 9 litres =12 bottles.
But minimum of 6 then?