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Bin Series #5

I thought it might be Australian too, maybe with Tempranillo or Touriga Nacional.


So I can prepare my basket to immediately add however many appeal and press order before they all run out?

I don’t know. However, given it is a special TWS label, it might be a standard TWS Bin#? capsule as well.

I can’t remember how the previous ones were packaged, but @Absolutebeginner has confirmed that Bin #4 was the same… @Winestwit, how is #2?

So far only #004 has had the rip off capsule:

#001: normal
#002: screwap
#003: normal

Not that that necessarily solves it…

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Probably some Romanian wine. Feteasca Negra?

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Continuing the fine tradition of Balkan neighbourliness!

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You are right, that was just stupid.

I didn’t mean to criticize (but fwiw had assumed it was your joke).

It was, just a very bad one. For the record I have had Feteasca Negra before… it was not crap.

I think bad jokes should be encouraged.

Anyway, having joined the thread, I feel I should enter into the spirit. As far as I remember we’ve gone Spanish red, Austrian red, Italian white, Hungarian white… I don’t see that the picture helps, so I’m going to play random extrapolation and say baga?


Freddy Bulmer is attending the 5.30 Instagram unveil. That has to be a clue.

@Freddy & @horsleym - any obvious cross-over there?


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I’m going all in Greece. My wife and kids may not be looking forward to eviction, but I’m just following the clues:

  • Freddy and Matthew involved
  • Bin #004 was Hungarian
  • It looks red - I don’t think English still red wine is here yet
  • @laura made a comment last time, can’t find it but was something like - “I’m sure you’re going to love the next one”. This community loves the Xin (and everything else from Thymiopoulos).

What does everyone else think


For that reason I think Xinomavro (especially from Thymiopoulos) is a tad too obvious, perhaps? Maybe an Agiorgitiko, though? :thinking:

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FWIW, my gut feeling is Greece too, but what ?

Looking forward to all being revealed later. If it is a Xin from Thymiopoulos it’ll probably be sold out by midnight, mind.


Could be accessories? A new series of Society bins?


Would seem eccentric to start a new series at #5, but it might be a clever marketing trick.

got delayed picking up #004 due to self-isolation and then lockdown, might hold off a few more days for #005 especially if this is Greek!

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The truth will be revealed in about 6 hours, can you hold off that long?

The rest of my basket is finalised and ready to go.

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