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Bin Series #5

Do it. Tell them you’ve given the money for THEIR meals to homeless charities for Christmas. Just keep the wine in reserves until all the fuss has blown over.


Yes, I’ve had it, its a great wine but also think it divides opinion. Last time I had it, it came in a mixed case of Thymiopoulos wines.

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Hi all,

apologies for this. I can confirm that these wines were supposed to be mixed case only - hence why they’re no longer showing on the web.

r.e. the small numbers of orders placed for the individual bottles I’m currently unsure if we’ll be honouring these. If not then we’ll contact those members individually. I’d suggest placing an order for the mixed case as well just to avoid missing out entirely…

Sorry for the confusion. I too am overwhelmed by the number of amazing wines that have just pinged up on the web!


So are we! It’s almost like christmas or something!


It’s like a blood bath :see_no_evil:, between the greek case, the Pauillac and the unwanted rosé D’Anjou :sweat_smile:, keep safe everyone :joy:!


I was lucky enough to taste through the flight of Pauillac with Tim in Bordeaux this time last year. They offered 12 different vintages (I seem to recall) and this is a selection of the best. The 1973 and 1981 were standouts for me. If anyone here was born in '81 then they need to buy the Imperial and invite us all round (when we’re allowed to, that is…)


Will there be a vertical/mixed case, do you know @horsleym?

Thanks for the update. Glad of the opportunity to pick up a nice selection of magnums. Just got to wait until I can drink them with other people again!


Saw on Instagram it’s international Xinomavro day tomorrow. Some background reading below for anyone a bit more interested. Was written by an MW and is a bit technical, but I found it quite interesting.



Ta v much - really interesting and made me want to explore the wines. Hopefully TWS will keep on expanding its Greek offering.

It also made me want to try Bin 5 with Greek food. Is that something you’ve already done?

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Almost certainly. I enjoyed a single bottle I’d ordered in a mixed case over a few days. However, it was back in July and I can’t remember what that food was. Was good though.

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Rather fortuitously my other half declared the other night that she thinks Xinomavro was her new favourite variety… to which I replied that in that case she probably wouldn’t mind taking delivery of the latest case arriving from TWS. :smiley:

(She works from home now, and so actually gets to see how much is delivered. And under current restrictions, a sneaky delivery to another family member is off the cards.).


No mixed case/vertical for this I’m afraid.

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Why is that? I’ve had the Rapsani but not the Earth and Sky ( and don’t know much about it). I want to buy a case of one of them but can’t decide as I’ve not tried the latter.

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It seems to be a bit of a marmite wine, while I thought it was great, smooth and had lots of dark fruit with good potential to age others on here didnt always feel the same.
The Rapsani never fails to impress imho, why not put away a mixed case ?


In general I would say that Rapsani tends to taste riper (I don’t mean that is a criticism, and it’s specifically in comparison to E+S) and fuller while Earth and Sky has more structure and balance - though it can seem either austere or insubstantial when drunk young. I wouldn’t personally expect it to divide opinion unless drunk young myself, but would say if you like riper styles in gneral or want to drink it over the next 5 years or so, the Rapsani might be the way to go, but if you like less obvious wines and are prepared to wait to drink it say from 8 to 20 years from vintage, the Earth and Sky may be more up your street.


Out of interest @horsleym is the society likely to stock the next vintage from his new site in Fytia?

Jumping on the “questioning”, @horsleym, are tws likely to re-stock the Rapsani single terroir, Karavas?? A truly wonderful wine!


I’ll second that. By far my favourite Xinomavro to date.

Do you mean this one?


Or this one?


(I would like it if they stocked both by the way :grinning:)