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Bin series #4

I will also hazard a guess that it is actually made by Kolonics…


That would be great :+1::yum::yum:

I’m very curious to try this wine. I’ve not tried a mature dry Furmint (Assuming no aszu berries)

I might have to be clever scheduling deliveries, but I can see at least a couple going into my basket.

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As it turns out, I shall be tasting it next week, so can report back. A fellow student on my French wine scholar course has been sent a sample from TWS so that he can share his impressions via his Instagram feed (is that the right term?!!). He thought it would be interesting to share the bottle with us, and to record our impressions which he will then post. Nice of him!
Ps- hope this doesn’t break any WS rules, @laura…? :thinking:


Not at all! I think this is a lovely idea and the more people that get to try it the better! :smiley:


Oh no, they are giving away our stuff for free again… :wink: Will just sit back and observe.


Dry Furmint clearly a la mode - Jancis’s article this week is about it.


Maybe she’s got a bottle too…



And les Caves de Pyrene have a Furmint Friday.

Still current - Furmint ageing potential in Decanter right now (behind paywall, I haven’t read it)

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When’s it going on sale?

I believe it’s going live on Wednesday (26th) :+1:


Lovely, thanks. Already got an order in so can just add some on. Did you like it?

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This is what I put in my summary last Wednesday:

“As for the Bin 4 Furmint (tasted courtesy of a fellow student)… all I’d say is that I think it’ll be a marmite wine. Incredibly interesting and unusual, and invited a lot of fascinating tasting notes. Can’t wait to hear what members think!”…


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I think I commented here a year or so back on comparing the same dry Furmint from 2003 and I think 2015. Both were very good, so that bodes well regarding the ageing potential of Furmint generally. Obviously this is a different wine from a different region, but given TWS picked it for the Bin series it is probably no dud… (or maybe I am wrong and it is)

Just for full disclosure I am not buying, but mainly because I will get my kicks in Hungary with regards to Furmint. More for everyone else I suppose.


Thanks, @Inbar! :smiley: Yes @Brocklehurstj - it’s going live at midday. I’ll post a link here and it’ll be all over social - we reckon it’ll sell fairly fast so I just wanted to let you know. :slight_smile:


Lucky you! Despite this, any advice where to find a decent one in the UK? I like it a lot, but don’t see it frequently.

hmmm, midday you say?

Looks like the gremlins are still messing about

3 bottles in the basket. At £8.50 a bottle, good for another 22 months.

WHOOPS! Thanks for this, not supposed to be live yet. :see_no_evil:
We’re just removing it from sale…