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Bin series #4

I’m going with Rose. Not based on anything.

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Oooh! A Tavel, perchance…?! They often come in an elongated bottle? Now that would be exciting.

Some great guesses!

I’m not revealing what it is yet, but I will reveal the vintage…


Does this change anyone’s guess?


Something rare like Ramisco from Portugal?

I just remembered that some Hungarian wines from North Balaton (Somlo, Badacsony etc.) region are also bottled in flutes. Might be a Juhfark or Harslevelu maybe… or a Furmint (?) - these will all age, too.


Hmmm. 9-10 years is a good period for rieslings. Maybe one, though where from???

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2011 potentially very nice for German riesling, but again, is this what the Bin series is all about?

I thought it was was supposed to be introducing us to off the beaten track varietals…

I’m leaning more towards @szaki1974’s suggestion of something Eastern European. No idea about the ageing potential, but this:

comes in a very unusual hued bottle. Something similar might give this darker appearance in the original photo

Hopefully TWS have sourced something lovely and interesting - a parcel that’s been lurking in a corner of the winery in a lonely barrel waiting for an interested party to show an interest.

@Laura, we need more clues :pleading_face:

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ…Oh! is it that time already???


obaideh / merwah?


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I’m guessing it’s something Portuguese like Castelão (which I definitely didn’t just look up).

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No, but it’s made me delete my guess

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Portugal is possible as they use flutes (sometimes). I’m sure its going to be a rare-ish or obscure variety or from an unfamiliar place.

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Love a good Godello but haven’t had any with age on it.

Ooohh…. Possibly a Clare or Eden valley Riesling ?


Please be a Juhfark.


I’m going jufark too. :crossed_fingers:

Someone here has guessed correctly! :clap:

But who?! I’ll be revealing the next Bin Series wine later… :eyes:


Funny you should mention that - it’s on my to-do list for today!

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ooooooooh! the tension! This better be good!

Well, I thought you guys should be the first to know…

Are you ready…?

Our next Bin Series wine…

guessed correctly by @szaki1974


A 2011 Furmint! It’s a really exciting, one-off find for us, a genuinely tiny parcel too, and (IMO) a ridiculously low price, so you’ll have to be fairly quick off the mark!

It’s going live in the last week of Feb. Hope the news lives up to the anticipation! :grin: