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Bin series #4



From Instagram. Any ideas? Lools red to me but cant work out that bottle shape! Rhône? Alsace?


They look more like Alsace bottles… then it is Pinot Noir


Yes, looks pretty dark but I can’t think of a red wine that goes in a flute (please educate me!)

Maybe a brown bottle?


Education complete


I guess there is a chance these are German bottles… than Dornfelder and Trollinger might also be contenders, although in Germany they normally use Rhone style bottles for reds…


… this of course is a sweeping generalisation… they actually use all sorts of bottles as @Embee rightly points out below…


I will also just drop Marzemino del Trentino in the hat… though given #003 was Italian that is less likely.


I too thought Alsace Pinot initially. However, the three wines that came before were all leftfield choices so I reckon you might have nailed it with a German Dornfelder. The few I’ve tried all came in flutes.

I wonder how long we’ll have to wait for the big reveal ? ( I don’t like secrets ! )


yes, me neither… especially if there is no end in sight

hope we don’t have to wait till the Spring Press tasting in March (?)… by the way @Ewan are you going to pick names from a hat for that?


All will be revealed… VERY soon! :smiley:

Excellent guesses so far… none are close, though! Keep guessing… if anyone can guess it, the Community can! :wink:


I’m now thinking it might be a white !

Looking forward to finding out more.


:zipper_mouth_face: Maaaaybe…
Any guesses what kind of white specifically?!


Just looked at images of Txakoli but that seems to be bottled in green flutes.

The possibilities seem endless. Something Central European perhaps ?


Not an “orange” wine by any chance?


Maybe a pigato ? Or Arneis ?
I’ve really got no clue :rofl:


That’s what I was going to suggest. But could also be a Spatburgunder from the Pfalz? They sometimes put it in a flute-shaped bottle.


I think pinot noir doesn’t quite fit with the Bin series of wines


Good point! :+1:


Maybe a Gruner Weltliner??


I’m now thinking an Albariño or vinho verde :thinking:


Or an interesting Pinot Blanc…? (not a contradiction in terms!) :thinking: