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Bin 12 this week woop..!

It’s unlikely for a number of reasons, not least the fact that a great chunk of (if not all) wine-growing country is occupied by Russia, and it must be difficult importing it even if the last vintage made its way out of there in time.

But it’s a nice thought.

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Eh? I don’t understand - it’s right at the top of the page I linked to.

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Indeed! Blindness on my part - apologies! I was concentrating on the bottom section - “browse drinks bought by Freddy”, in which Eastern Europe doesn’t feature.

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They did announce it on their instagram site

Instagram is not their site, www.thewinesociety.com is.

Instagram is owned by Facebook.

It is difficult importing Ukraine wines, but not impossible. There is a UK company doing just that. According to Harpers magazine, Propeller Wines represents four Ukrainian wineries - Beykush, Stakhovsky, Villa Tinta and Kolonist - with their first consignment “expected to arrive at LCB for sale from week commencing 13 June.”

I’ve had wines from Kolonist and if TWS wanted to list them I’d buy. I’m prepared to pay a premium in these terrible times to support the Ukrainians… (more fun than drinking sunflower oil :grinning: )

I brought home a bottle of 2018 Kolonist Odessa Cherny, had it in lockdown and greatly enjoyed it, I posted on this forum about it here and @MikeFranklin suggested it for Bin No. 8.


Splitting hairs sir more probably see it pop up on the gram than look on the front end of their website


I saw it on Facebook. Twice, no less.

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Already done Zweigelt, no?

I think I’ve already been perfectly honest and upfront about how reliable my predictions are :sunglasses:


I think it was no 2 or 3?

As with others above - I have an impeccable 0/12 score when it comes to guessing the bin. Would be a shame to ruin a clean sheet, so here goes: Tasmanian Pinot vinified as a Rose. As a side bet, I’ll go Tas Gamay.

Is that my coat?


I don’t know, isn’t there a page on TWS listing them all somewhere? (This is a nudge for someone far more tech savvy than I to provide a link…)

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Here you go:

Bin nos 1-10

Bin 11 and announcement of 12


I hope it’s not a Pet Nat :joy:


It’s available now to buy

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